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Islam first started in the deserts of Arabia.

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Q: Where in the Caribbean did Islam first started?
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Explain how Islam started?

Islam started when Adam was first place into earth by Allah.

Who is the prophet who started Islam?

The prophet who started Islam is Prophet Mohammad.

What was the empire where Islam first started?

Islam started in Arabia in 610AD in Mecca. It was founded by Muhammad after the Night of Power.

Which came first christianaity or Islam?

Islam came first as it started from the very first human being and Prophet who was Adam

What time Islam started?

The answer to the question would be, Islam started 600 years after Jesus went to the heavens above. Islam actually started since Adam. The religion that all the prophets preached was ISLAM meaning TOTAL SUBMISSION TO GOD'S WILL. Simply, it started with the first man and first prophet Adam.. ___________________________________________ Islam started by start of universe creation. see question below..

Where did Islam first spread?

Islam started in Saudi Arabia Yes, our teacher said that it was ture

What country started with Islam first?

In makkah, which is in saudi arabia

Who was the first man that started Islam?

* Prophet Mohamed (s.a.s) * Adam

Islam was startet by?

it was started by the first prophet Adam till now

How many people are entered Islam at first?

It was not that all of a sudden people started entering Islam. It was in ones and twos that people accepted Islam.

How did Islam arrived in the Caribbean?

To have a better live

How did the two groups of Islam come about?

When they first start disagreeing about Islam. But note, that it started in the times after the Prophet (PBUH).

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