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Yes, the Glock 18 is fully automatic.

Yes, Colt has and continues to make automatic pistols.

No. A pistol is designed to be used with one hand. A rifle is usually Automatic except for Sniper Rifles and Firearms of a similar type. However, a pistol is Semi-Automatic.

No way to answer- would depend on the pistol.

Kahr K9 is a compact semi-automatic pistol. It is made by the American company Kahr Arms.

Glock Automatic Pistol

Automatic Colt Pistol. Colt invented the .45 Auto and thus had the right to name it.

As far as I know Hyde only made one pistol (Hyde Pistol) but it was Semi-automatic not automatic. It was made around 1959. In order to get an estimate of value you must state the current condition of the pistol from Excellent to Poor and is it still working?

only a pistol is an semi-automatic. revolvers are not semi auto. A "pistol" is a generic term to refer to ANY handgun, revolver or Semi-automatic. Wrong! Only some one completely unfamiliar with hand guns nomenclature would call a revolver a pistol. A revolver is commonly referred to as: "revolver, wheel gun or shooter (short for 6 shooter)." A semi automatic is commonly referred to as: "semi auto or pistol."

ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. They are the same.

Semi-automatic pistols can vary from 100-1000.

Yes, it is a CO2 powered, semi-automatic pistol.

Answer The Colt .45 caliber automatic pistol was accepted as the standard side arm of the US Army and became identified as the Model 1911 Pistol. The bullet developed for use in this new design of automatic pistol was called the .45 ACP or the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge. It stands for "Automatic Colt Pistol" because it was adopted for the Colt 1911 only by the US army.You get many variants the most prolific being the .45 GAP for glock handguns.It's patented I believe.

Automatic Colt Pistol.

A fully automatic pistol.

No there is nothing like that.There is a pistol and a automatic hand gun Glock.

The correct name of the popular Luger pistol is the Pistol Parabellum 1908 or the Parabellum Pistole. This pistol is toggle logged, semi-automatic, and recoil-operated.

the democrats and republicans o my bad comunist In the U.S. you do not need a permit to purchase a pistol, except in Illinois, you must have a Firearms Ownser ID card.

== == The part that holds the bullets in a revolver type pistol is called the "cylinder". In an automatic type pistol it's called a "magazine".

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