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There are no current places that require boys to wear tights as part of a school uniform. School uniform standards evolved to create dress standards for students in school. For boys this generally involved pants, a collard shirt, a belt, tie and perhaps a blazer. The aim was to instill good habits in students so they would be used to dressing for success in society when finished with school. For boys that generally meant wearing a suit as a man. School uniform standards still follow this model at most school today.

By the same token, girls are often required to wear skirts in their uniform. They may also be required to wear tights. The reason is similar to boys…so the girls grow up to dress as adult women, who for several decades, were expected to wear a dress and tights, or pantyhose to be successful in society. Generally speaking men are still expected to wear suits to be successful in society. Women have more choices in what they can wear. But the traditional standard set in the last several decades is that women and girls wear tights in society, not men. A school would have no reason to require tights for boys when tights are not part of the adult male wardrobe today, But requiring it of girls would follow the current social norms surrounding how one should dress as an adult.

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Boys can wear tights in school plays all over the world. Many schools perform Peter Pan in tights. People wear tights for costumes . Its fine.

*In proper British schools, from grade school (Primary school) all the way up to college (University) level many upscale schools had 'Tights' as a required part of the uniform / dress code. The pants/trousers were the type that stopped at 'below the knee', so wearing 'Tights' was very proper.
There are still many schools today in the U.K. that wear this uniform as proud tradition.
The Tights were also worn by the Men to show off their calf muscles.
This, and the school uniform was also worn in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland & Russia and many of their surrounding countries. This uniform was adapted by countries that were colonized by such, like Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc...

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Boys should not dress up in tights or leotards when going to school. The dressing suits women more than it suits men.

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If the boy was wearing them for a specific reason like a costume or play, he could wear them to school. On a normal school day he should not wear a leotard and tights to school.

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Q: Where in the world do boys wear tights as part of the school uniform?
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Do Italian children wear school uniform?

Yes they doStudents in elementary school wear a kind of apron as their school uniform (white for girls, blue for boys) and secondary students wear a school uniform much like ours in Australia.

Boys should wear shorts as school uniform upto which class?

boys should wear the grey school shorts up till form 3

What do boys in high school musicals do that they wouldn't ordinarily do off stage?

Sing Dance Wear Tights Weak Make up

Are cotton or wool tights also for boy's?

Cotton and wool tights are not regularly manufactured for boys to wear. Since the late 1950’s tights have been used primarily in women’s fashion. This also applies to girls. Cotton and wool tights had previously been worn by boys in parts of the world. But once tights made their way over to women‘s legs the new social norm was that women wore tights in society, not men. As a result boys were no longer dressed in tights except for specific situations like dance, costumes or perhaps sports. Girls took over the wearing of tights. They became part of fancier styles when girls wore dresses. Black and white tights could often be seen on younger girls in formal settings and in school uniforms. Teen girls and women would also wear them instead of pantyhose sometimes. As a result of this new social norm, the predominant view was it was not appropriate for boys to wear tights anymore. This is still the typical view today and after several decades of this new social norm, boys wearing tights of any kind is usually viewed as him dressing like a girl. Thus manufactures don’t market tights to boys much anymore.

Where can one purchase school trousers for boys?

You can purchase school trousers for at your local Walmart, Sears, or Target. If your school requires a mandated uniform you might have to purchase it directly from the school.

Do girls dress boy in dress and tights?

Unless its for a costume, girls do not dress boys in a dress and tights. Dresses are still considered girl’s attire. Although most girls prefer to wear pants and leggings these days, they still wear dresses. Women tend to wear dresses more often than girls. Girls also wear tights. Sometimes with dresses. A boy should not put on tights. Boys do not wear dresses, so there is no reason for him to wear tights. Plus boys used to wear tights centuries ago, but tights have become feminized in the modern age, meaning girls are the ones who wear them now. Its not appropriate for boys to wear them anymore. He should stick to pants or shorts and let girls wear the tights

How do you look nice in school uniform Boys?

Flynn and O'Hara's, Jerry's, and Arthur's all sell school uniforms in the Baltimore area. Their prices differ, so to find the least expensive uniform you should contact each of them and ask about the specific uniform your son needs.

Did children wear school uniform in the 1960's?

well all the boys had to wear black shorts and a shirt but they didn't have a uniform that is the same with the girls they would have to have a certain colour dress but still no uniform (lucky)

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If a boy likes tights he likely observed women or girls wearing them and developed curiosity about them. He realized at some point that girls can wear tights but he can’t because boys don’t typically wear tights. This developed into a desire of him wanting to wear tights. After doing so he realized he likes tights, but as a boy its considered inappropriate for him to wear them. He began to sneak around to wear them in private and took notice whenever women and girls wear them. He likes them but knows he’s not supposed to wear them and might act funny whenever a girl or lady around him is wearing them.

Ballet boys tights?

exactly I'm sorry, what exactly was the question? Yes, the boys do wear tights and in my experience, quite often. Though in class, they sometimes wear shorts, bike pants and whathave you. You get the general idea.

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Boys like to see tights on girls. Most boys don’t like tights for themselves. They think it will make them look like they are dressing like a girl. When boys become teens they will generally enjoy seeing tights on girls more than when they were younger. Girls like boys to notice them in tights, but don’t like seeing boys wearing tights. Girls want to be the ones to wear tights.