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If it's the same as other Foresters there is only one tank under the hood which feeds both front and back washers.

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Q: Where is 2010 Subaru Forester rear window washer fluid tank?
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Where is 2008 Subaru Outback rear window washer tank?

all the washer fluid comes from the same tank

Where do you fill the rear window washer fluid on a 2012 Subaru Outback?

Same place as you fill the front washer fluid. There is only one reservoir.

How do you prime wiper washer fluid pump on 2001 Subaru Forester?

Assuming that your 2001 is the same as my 2000, the pump is atached at the bottom of the fluid reservoir. It does not need to be primed. --Ken

What is the transmission fluid capacity on a 2002 Subaru Impreza wagon?

What is the transmission fluid capacity on a 2001 subaru forester?

No front windshield washer fluid on subaru forrester when activated. Lines are open. Appears to be two pumps on fluid container.?

The second pump supplies the rear window. Do you hear a pump running when you turn the switch on for the windshield washer?

2001 Subaru Forester transmission fluid recommendation?

Yes, it is definitely good to use transmission fluid in your Forester. I highly recommend it and use it in my 2000 with no problems.

Where is the fill for the 2001 Forester rear window washer tank?

Doesn't the rear window washer use the same reservoir as the windcreen washers? It does on my 1998 Forester. If I keep the reservoir topped up regularly I am never in want of liquid for washing the rear window. ***I had a 2001 (and now have a 2003) Forester. The front and rear share the same fill tank. The 'pickup' for the rear is set higher so tf the fluid level gets low the rear stops working first.

Window washer light on a 99 Lexus es300?

put more window washer fluid in....

How many miles until changing transmission fluid on Subaru Forester?

30,000 miles

How do i get my rear window washer to squirt?

If the rear window washer isn't squirting, check the fluid container. If there is fluid, the motor may be shot.

What type of transmission fluid do you need on your Subaru forester?

I need Dexron III in my Subaru Forester, but I don't need any right now, thanks. Your owner's manual will tell you what to use in yours.

Where is the Windshield Washer Pump on 2006 Subaru Impreza?

It should be inside the windshield washer fluid tank