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Where is Botany Bay?

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botany Bay is in state of New South Wales. It lies about 8km south of the main harbor where the city of Sydney is positioned, but it's considered part of Sydney now.

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How would you get to Botany Bay in England?

Botany Bay is in Australia.

What state is Botany Bay in?

Botany Bay is in New South Wales.

Who discovered botany bay in Australia?

captainJames cook discoverd botany bay in Australia

Did the first fleet travel from Portsmouth to Botany Bay?

yes they travelled from portsmouth to botany bay

How long from Botany Bay to Port Jackson?

The distance from Botany Bay to Port Jackson is about 8km.

When was Jim Jones at Botany Bay created?

Jim Jones at Botany Bay was created in 1907.

Was Botany Bay in New South Wales?

Yes. Botany Bay was, and is, in New South Wales.

What is the area of City of Botany Bay?

The area of City of Botany Bay is 22 square kilometers.

When was Botany Bay - song - created?

Botany Bay - song - was created in 1885.

What is Botany Bay now called?

Botany Bay is now still called Botany Bay. Originally intended as the site for the colony of New South Wales, Botany Bay proved unsuitable for the purpose, so it should not be confused with Port Jackson, the site where Sydney was first established. However, because of the expansion of Sydney, Botany Bay is now part of the city of Sydney. The first name for Botany Bay was Stingray Harbour.

What in the world is Botany Bay?

Botany Bay is a bay in New South Wales, a few kilometers south of the Sydney. Botany Bay was the site of James Cook's first landing of HMS Endeavour on the continent of Australia.

How many convicts came to Botany Bay?

None. The convicts did not settle at Botany Bay, but at Port Jackson.

When was Botany Bay National Park created?

Botany Bay National Park was created on 1984-11-23.

What is the area of Botany Bay National Park?

The area of Botany Bay National Park is 4,560,000.0 square meters.

Who landed at Botany Bay?

Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet of convicts landed at Botany Bay (but did not stay there) in 1788.

Why is Botany Bay called Botany Bay?

Botany Bay was given that name by Joseph Banks, the famed scientists and botanist who travelled with James Cook between 1768 and 1771. Banks was impressed by all the new species of flora and collected many new botanical specimens at Botany Bay - hence the name. Originally James Cook named the bay Stingray Harbour.

What capital city is found on Botany Bay?

The New South Wales capital of Sydney has now expanded to Botany Bay, but Sydney did not have its origins there. Botany Bay was unsuitable for settlement, so Sydney was first established on the shores of Port Jackson.

What are some bay names?

San Francisco Bay Massachusetts Bay Chesapeake Bay Botany Bay Bay of Biscuttes

Where is Botany bay located?

Botany Bay is located about 8 km south of Port Jackson, where Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, lies.

Who named botany bay?

The bay was named by Cook and Sir Joseph Banks ...

What year was stingray bay changed to be named Botany Bay?

Initially, Botany Bay was named Stingray Harbour (not "Bay"). The name was changed in the same year Cook discovered it - 1770. His ship's log from May 1770 recorded the name "Stingray Harbour", but when he transcribed his logs into his journal shortly afterwards, he changed the name to Botany Bay.

What companion did Captain Cook name Botany Bay after?

James Cook (not yet a captain) did not name Botany Bay after any of his companions. Botany Bay was so named because of the many varieties of new plant life that botanist Sir Joseph Banks noted.

What was Botany Bay originally named and how did Botany Bay get the name that it has now?

Botany Bay's original name, as given by James Cook, was "Stingray Harbour". It was later changed to "Botany Bay" because of the many new and unique plant species that Cook's botanists (Sir Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander) found, classified and catalogued there.

Did James Cook die in Botany Bay?

James Cook was killed by natives in Hawaii in 1779. Botany Bay had not even been settled by Europeans yet.

What did Cook call Botany Bay?

James Cook originally called Botany Bay Stingray Harbour.The name Botany Bay was suggested by Joseph Banks, the famed scientists and botanist who travelled with James Cook between 1768 and 1771. Banks was impressed by all the new species of flora and collected many new botanical specimens at Botany Bay - hence the name change.

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