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Connecticut is a New England state, on the northern US Atlantic coast. It is immediately south of Massachusetts (along with Rhode Island to its east) and faces south on Long Island Sound. To its west is New York state's Hudson River valley.
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Where is Connecticut located on the US map?

Connecticut is located in the northeast region. To the right (east) of it is Rhode Island, to the left(west) is New York, above (north) is Massachusetts.

What is there to do in Connecticut?

A few of the many options: Plays at the Bushnell and Warner theaters, Bradley Playhouse, concerts, musicals at Goodspeed Opera House; White-water rafting, sailing, hikin

What is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a US state that borders New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is on the Atlantic coast, more specifically on Long Island Sound.

What can you do in Connecticut?

There's a ton of fun things to do in Connecticut. Depending on who you're traveling with, I suggest you rent a car or a 15 passenger van. Then you'll be free to check out all

Where is Connecticut found on the US map?

Connecticut borders Massachusetts to its north and New York to its east. Connecticut is located just north of New York's Long Island. It's in the eastern part of the USA.

What Connecticut is?

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern region of the united states of America
In Rhode Island

Where is Connecticut and Rhode Island?

Connecticut and Rhode Island are both states in the Northeastregion of the United States of America. They are immediately eastof New York and South of Massachusetts. Absolute