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Where is Katlyn on Animal Crossing Wild World?

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She comes when she looses her kitten and she only comes to either you or a friend, the other will get the kitten. tell your friend and then the kitten will follow your firend to your town or visa versa. Your will get a rare prize int he end. this can happen more then once.


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well i dont have animal crossing but i have animal crossing wild world and it's 0560930684688 my town is cagaimia and name is Katlyn

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Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second game in the Animal Crossing games. It's a game for the DS.

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No, he isn't in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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No, not on Wild World; only in City Folk and the original Animal Crossing.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World is only available on the DS.

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There is no animal crossing for the PSP.

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No, but he is on the original Animal Crossing and on Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk are two different games. You cannot access City Folk towns from Wild World and vice versa.

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One for DS : Animal Crossing Wild World One for Wii : Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City One for Gamecube : Animal Crossing Wild World (Same title as Ds) :)

Animal Crossing: Wild World does not have an Easter! Since Easter is a religious holiday, and animal crossing does not support religious holidays, there is no Easter on Wild World.

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