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It is located on the west coast of Africa
Liberia is Located on the west coast of Africa.Its on the west by Sierra Leone on the east by Ivory Coast on the north by Guinea and the south by the Atlantic Ocean.

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How do they call Liberia in French?

Liberia is called "le Liberia" (masc.) in French.

What continent is Liberia in?

Liberia is on the African continent.

What type of government does Liberia have?

Liberia is a Republic.

What is the meaning of seal of Liberia?

The symbol for Liberia.

What is the population of Liberia?

the population of Liberia is 3,441,790

Do zebras live in Liberia Africa?

No, they are not from Liberia.

What are the major religions of Liberia?

what are major religions in Liberia

What is the annual rainfall in Liberia?

what is the annual rainfall of liberia

What is the capital of Liberia?

The capital of Liberia is Monrovia.Monrovia

When was Liberia formed?

It became the Republic of Liberia in 1847

What continent is Ethiopia and Liberia on?

Ethiopia and Liberia are in Africa.

Is Liberia a country in Europe?

No. Liberia is a country in Africa.

Is Liberia a democratic country?

Liberia is a republic country.

How did ex slaves start and get to Liberia?

How was Liberia started

What is the African capital of Liberia?

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia.

Is Swahili spoken in Liberia?

No, Swahili is not spoken in Liberia, except possibly by immigrants. For the languages of Liberia, click here.

Why was Liberia in World War I?

Germany bombed Liberia on august 4, 1917 and Liberia declared war on Germany.

How many continents are there in Liberia?

There are no continents in Liberia. Liberia is a country. It is one of over 50 countries that are in the continent of Africa.

Civil war in Liberia?

what was the causes of Liberia Civil War??

Who created Liberia?

Escaped African slaves created Liberia.

What part is Liberia located?

Liberia is a West African country

Why were Liberia and Ethiopia not colonized?

Liberia was actually an American colony.

What is the airport code for Liberia?

Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR)

What is Liberia nickname?

Type your answer here... what is Liberia nickname and motto

What do you call people from Liberia?

We call people from Liberia Liberians