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Nauru is a small nation located near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is situated in the Micronesian South Pacific. The closest island to it is the Banaba Island which belongs to the Republic of Kiribati. Nauru has the distinction of being the smallest nation in the world. It is also the tiniest independent republic in the world. It is also the only republic that does not have an official capital.

During the Second World War Nauru was under Japan, it was under trusteeship at the end of the War and finally became independent in 1968.

Nauru is about 0.1 times the size of Washington compromising of just twenty one sq km. Its natural resources consist mainly of Phosphates and fish. Its natural hazards are largely droughts that happen periodically. It has a tropical climate with a monsoonal pattern meaning it gets rain between the months of November right until February.
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What continent is Nauru on?

Nauru is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is not onany continent. Nauru is in Oceania.

What does Nauru mine?

Nauru mines phosphate but it is mostly depleted. The unemploymentrate is near 90% on this tiny island country.

What is Nauru?

Nauru is a small island country in the Pacific Ocean with an area of 21 km squared. It's capital is Yaren and it has a population of 9,322 people.

What is Nauru famous for?

Phosphate mining, a detention camp for Australian asylum seekers,and (until recently) money laundering.
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Is Nauru in Africa?

No, Nauru is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just about on theopposite side of the world from Africa.