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Where is Thunderbird wine sold?

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It appears that Seattle and San Francisco still do carry Thunderbird Wine. In the Northeast it is incredibly difficult to find, Thunderbird is available in the Buffalo New York area at a place called The Liquor Outlet as late as Friday July 31st 2009, I bought a bottle there on that date and a sample tested by a person who drank it long ago confirmed it is the same stuff. The bottle I purchased was 17.5% ABV which seems to be the going rate. I personally talked with the clerk about the difficulty in finding it, and he said people actually do buy and drink it. It cost about $4.50 for a 750ml bottle. Several internet sites carry it but the shipping, depending on where you are located, is very expensive (about $25 to here) meaning you'd pay close to $30 for a bottle of this "wine".

Seeing as that I had purchased out the entire supply The Liquor Outlet had in stock the first time I ran across the stuff, I went back on Chirstmas eve to get some for joke gifts and it was still available (and obviously a new shipment). So as of December 24th 2009 Thunderbird was still available for purchase. So with that said it is apparent that Thunderbird is still being made if you can find someone that carries it.

Still available as of 5/2010, so its obvious they still make it. I went to the Liquor Outlet because I was trying to find some as a wedding gift (believe it or not my friend who likes very sweet wines actually likes this stuff), they were out so they called an order in while I was there and got it a week later. Actually just bought two bottles today. I found a gas station that carries it as well but I don't know if it as fresh as the stuff at the Liquor Outlet, this probably isn't a "wine" you let age, you probably want to purchase the most recent vintage. Long live "The American Classic"!!

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