Where is Valve Shut Off on gas water heat?


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On any water heater, the shut off is on the incoming cold pipe.

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the hot water valve shut off valve shuts off the hot water. The cold water valve shuts off the cold water. ;()

Shut the water off at the main shut off where it comes into the house or at the meter and change the valve at the fixture. The valve at the fixture may be sweated on, compression, or threaded.

An air-intake engine shut-off valve regulates air-flow to the motor, and operates as an emergency shut-off valve. There are also shut-off valves on water hoses, so shut-off valves really control the inflow of any liquid or gas.

Outside at the main shut off valve. Showers/Bathtubs do not normally have a shutoff valve like sinks and toilets. The main water valve for the house must be turned off.

The valve seat or washer on the main valve are not seating/sealing properly.

broken line under house,shut off valve behind toilet is turned off, blockage at the shut off valve,

With the water main shut of valve of course

If the shut off valve turns but does not shut the water off, the washer in it has split and probably made it to the faucet. It was blocking part of the hole on the hot side and at some point either shifted or made it through the faucet and in in the screen in the end of the spout. Shut the main water off and replace the washer in the shut off valve.

This depends what shut off valve is in question here. Where the leak is and what type of material is the shut off valve made of.

Flow control valve that will over come stratification of hot water flowing through the system until a circulator comes on

Should be a shut off valve in the basement closest to the street or if on a slab, by the water heater. If neither, there is one at the water meter.

There should be a shut-off valve on the pipe between the street supply and your house. It's probably covered by a green plastic cap. Lift it off. There is a valve in there. Turn the valve 90 degrees. That's a quarter turn of a full circle. Test to see if your water shut off. If not, call the water department.

It is a valve on the floor, next to the toilet. The pipe from this valve feeds the toilet

Yes, there should be a shut off valve at the heater.

A non-positive shut off valve is one that is controlled by the user. You hold down the valve to keep the water or whatever coming out, and when you want it to stop, you release the valve.

Either it is just the excess water from the pipes or the shut off valve you used to shut the water off with, is not working one hundred percent.

There is no shut off valve. But you can by pass the heater core by disconnecting the 2 hoses going to the heater core. And connecting them together. The only problem with this is that you won't have any heat in the winter.

Shut the tank down, so that it does not fire up. Was you water shut off,due to unpaid bill. Is there a break in the water line feed to the house. Did the check valve break, did someone shut off a valve to the heater. For what ever reason, if there is no water flow to the heater, it must be turned off.

If electric shut off the current to the elements, if gas shut off the gas valve. Open a hot water faucet to give it air, open the drain valve on the bottom of the heater.

The water meter is shut off? The main water line is shut off? The valve for that faucet is turned off? The waterline is made of galvanized piping and has corroded shut? Aerator is clogged, remove and clean or replace.

I do not live in a condo thus I have no need to shut the main valve

I'm not being stupid, you just change it. How ever it is installed, threaded on, sweated or compression fitting, remove and replace. I'm assuming water. There is another shut off valve further down the line. If it is the main shut off in the house, there is one at the meter. Shut the water off, drain the pipes and change it.

Tubs usually do not have shut off valve for them. You have to shut off the main supply. Depending on how the house is plumbed, you may be able to shut the cold supply to the water heater and that will shut off both the hot and cold or the main line where it comes into the house.

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