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Would you be able to find a shut off valve to keep water from entering heater coil?


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2008-06-16 00:45:48
2008-06-16 00:45:48

There is no shut off valve. But you can by pass the heater core by disconnecting the 2 hoses going to the heater core. And connecting them together. The only problem with this is that you won't have any heat in the winter.

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It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.

The hot water valve should always be open, so the hot water can exit the heater into the system. If your actually meaning opening the drain valve on the bottom of theater, the water in the heater will drain, starting with the hot water stored there, and then the cold water that is entering the tank to replace it will simplt flow out the bottom before being heated. Dpending on where the heater is located will denepnd on how much of a mess the ensuing flood will be.

Depending on what type of water heater you have there should be a plug or valve at the base of the water heater

Where should a service valve be installed to an instantaneous electric water heater?

Check that there isn't water around the water heater first, which would mean that turning it off and closing the water valve would be a good idea. Then, check the fuse box to see if the power has tripped--that is if it is an electric water heater.

The isolation valve should (must) be placed on the cold water side (and/or the return side), entering the water heater. Placing the isolation valve on the hot or outlet side of the water heater has the potential of creating a bomb.

A TNP valve is a temperature and pressure valve found on a water heater.

low water, bad thermostat, vacuum door not working, clogged up heater core, heater valve broken........

It serves to release abnormally high pressures before they damage a system. For example, a water heater contains a pressure relief valve. If a thermostat malfunctions, the heater would continue to heat, turning water to steam. The higher pressure created by that would cause the water heater to explode- but the pressure relief valve reacts to the higher pressure, and vents it off safely.

No, cold wter enters the water heater at the bottom of the tank, right where thee valve is.

Yes! Connect a garden hose to the output valve of the water heater and open the water heater valve to put hot water into the kiddie pool. This is the fastest way to warm a children's pool.

That is called a heater control valve. When you are not using your heater, vaccume closes a small valve that's in the control valve and stopes the water from going through the heater core. Therefore you get no heat inside of the cab.

The heater output temperature is regulated by airflow control doors inside the dash, not a water valve.

Could be water-heater problems or faulty valve.

Ok, I got the answer to this question. It seems that there is not a heater control valve in the heater hose line.

You know it by touching and feeling the pipes on the hot water side; if they are hot, there is water running through the pipes and obviously the heater valve is open on hot side.

Gas not turned on to water heater. Gas valve on water heater not set to pilot setting. Faulty gas valve. Igniter for lighting pilot not working.

You can have a tempering valve installed. A tempering valve cuts the hot water to a maximum temperature you set. It's usually used to allow a small water heater to serve a higher demand than it was intended to. Normally, you would crank the water heater up very high, and let the tempering valve cut it with cold water to bring it down to where you want it, maximizing the capacity of the water heater. It would work great for your situation too. == ==

There isn't a water control valve. The airflow is directed around the heater core by a door to control temp.

This could be numerous factors, however, the most likely of factors would be either the TP valve leaking or the hot water heater irtself is leaking (burst).

Heat control is by air flow control doors in the a/c and heater box. There is no water valve.

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