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Where is a good place for a first date?

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Somewhere private enough to talk without having to strain but public enough that you don't feel too awkward and the woman feels safe. A place where there's an open-ended time window is good, too, because you can both decide how long to stay. You can't talk in movies, so that's not great. A small cafe or quiet bar is a nice choice because it's shorter than a full dinner if things aren't going well but still allows for conversation, people watching, etc.

2012-03-26 01:34:45
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Q: Where is a good place for a first date?
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What is a good place for a first date?

movies, ice skating, picnic, round of golf.........

Where is a good place to take a girl for a first date?

The best person to ask would be, in fact, the girl.

Where is a Good place for date?

The best place for a date would be somewhere romantic like the beach.

After the first date?

That depends whether the first date was good or bad.

Where do you take your girlfriend out on the first date?

take her to a romantic place that you can take her it'a good idea to take her to your mom first so she can meet her.

Where is a good place to a girl on first date?

Movie, mall, out to eat.... all three :) the park if you live by a beach...

What is a good place for a first date with an 11 year old?

Movies n play time pizza n ect

Is it good to date an exgirlfriend?

If you think you can fix the problems that ex'd you in the first place then by all means it is good; however if you can't or won't work on those issues then its no good at all.

What would be a good place to go on the first date?

The Zoo or amusement park. Just going out to eat is also a good option. The worst choices would be a movie or concert, because on a first date it is important to be able to talk and get to know your date. A movie or concert makes talking difficult or impossible.

Where is a good date place in middle school?

Movies are definitely a very good date place in middle school....ummm....I seriously can't think of any more!

What is a good conversation to have aon a first date?

A good conversation to have on a first date would be to get to know each other better and see what you have in common with him or her.

Where is the best place to take a girl on the first date?

i believe the cinema is the best place :)

Is New Moon a good first date movie for you and your crush?

yes, definitely. a good romance/horror is good for any date

What is a good place for a first kiss?

A good place for a first kiss is in a park at sunset. Sunsets are very romantic.

What would a good title be for an essay about your first date?

Some ideas are:The FirstMy FirstFirst Date (if that's not too simple)When Nerves Do the Talking

Where can you go on a first date?

The cineama/movies is a good place to go I think. Or for a walk somewhere so you can talk and get to know each other more.

What is a nostalgic connotation?

People have nostalgic connotations for the place where they met their mate, or had their first date. Going back to these places helps them remember a good time that they had.

If you want to date a girl do you ask her out on a date first and kiss her then or do you try to kiss her and then ask?

Going on a date first would probably be a good idea.

What are good places to propose?

The best places to propose are places that mean something to the two of you. You might pick the place where you met, the place where you went on your first date, or any other favorite location.

What is your idea of a good first date and what would you do with your date?

tell her she is beautiful. Kiss him softly

Where is a good place to buy your first bra?

I think that a good place to buy your first bra would be Target, Walmart, or Ross

Is it possible to have a bad first date but a good second date?

Of course. The fact that you are willing to go on a second date says that you must have seen something worth pursuing on the first date.

If Justin Bieber will go on a date what will be the first place he goes?


Where is a good place to a take girl on first date?

the most suitable place for first date is open space where beside a lake, pond or somewhere fresh air get. It may be a place many grass are growing. I mention it because the she/he will remember all his/her lifetime. It will impress ur heart! Many fresh thought will perish through ur mine! Gud luck guys!

Where to take a girl on the first date?

Take her to her favorite place. Maybe she likes to go to an italian resturant or she likes to go to the movies. Surprise her. ;) Good luck!