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Somewhere private enough to talk without having to strain but public enough that you don't feel too awkward and the woman feels safe. A place where there's an open-ended time window is good, too, because you can both decide how long to stay. You can't talk in movies, so that's not great. A small cafe or quiet bar is a nice choice because it's shorter than a full dinner if things aren't going well but still allows for conversation, people watching, etc.

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Q: Where is a good place for a first date?
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What is a good place for a first date?

movies, ice skating, picnic, round of golf.........

Where is a good place to take a girl for a first date?

The best person to ask would be, in fact, the girl.

Where is a good place to a girl on first date?

Movie, mall, out to eat.... all three :) the park if you live by a beach...

Where do you take your girlfriend out on the first date?

take her to a romantic place that you can take her it'a good idea to take her to your mom first so she can meet her.

What is a good place for a first date with an 11 year old?

Movies n play time pizza n ect

Is it good to date an exgirlfriend?

If you think you can fix the problems that ex'd you in the first place then by all means it is good; however if you can't or won't work on those issues then its no good at all.

Where is a good date place in middle school?

Movies are definitely a very good date place in middle school....ummm....I seriously can't think of any more!

What would be a good place to go on the first date?

The Zoo or amusement park. Just going out to eat is also a good option. The worst choices would be a movie or concert, because on a first date it is important to be able to talk and get to know your date. A movie or concert makes talking difficult or impossible.

What is a good conversation to have aon a first date?

A good conversation to have on a first date would be to get to know each other better and see what you have in common with him or her.

Where is the best place to take a girl on the first date?

i believe the cinema is the best place :)

Is New Moon a good first date movie for you and your crush?

yes, definitely. a good romance/horror is good for any date

What is a good place for a first kiss?

A good place for a first kiss is in a park at sunset. Sunsets are very romantic.

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