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Where is a good place to advertise a Chevy Blazer for sale?


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The best place to advertise a Chevy Blazer for sale would be on the auction site eBay. Or, advertise the vehicle in the local newspaper or auto trader newspaper.

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1998 chevy blazer wont start good spark and good fuel presure

take it to a good mechanic

Craigslist would be a good place to start.

With regular maintenence the 4.3L is a good engine, good for at least 200K.

The stock gear ratio for a 1995 Chevy Blazer is 3.73. This provides a good balance of fuel economy and power to the rear wheels.

If the fuse is good and the bulbs are good, replace the flasher relay.

It will depend on the outside air temp, but 35 give or take 5 is a good place to start.

there is a relay in the fuse box. i believe it is the top one, take it out and get it checked to make sure it is good, that is a good place to start pin pointing the problem.

I had a Chevy blazer with the same problem. It had spark, fuel pressure, good battery & good starter. I sprayed some carburetor quick start spray & it started. They blazers have a problem with the fuel injection.

It is the part that the fan bolts to, on the front of the engine GOOD LUCK

A good place for you to advertise your semi online is at They are a specialized classified venue. And they also offer free listings.

should be unless it was removed and lines plugged off (not a good idea)

Craigslist is a good place to advertise on. Many people have good luck both selling and buying items listed on Craigslist. You do need to be aware of possible scams. If it is too good of a deal it may not be real.

It is in the fuel tank. Make sure the relay is good.

There is a very good description if you click on the link on the right.

89 ,gmc ,jimmy turns over wont start, fuelpump ,good fuses good ,linkwier,good

The Blazer was a decent vehicle which had its quirks. The rear seal on the Chevy small blocks are notorious for needing replacement, as is the intake manifold gasket. Body wise, the actuator arm for the rear glass is prone to breaking, and will need replacement at some point in the vehicle's service life.

the transmission is smoked needs to be taken out and inspecked or there is a LINKAGE PROBLEM GOOD LUCK JOEY

I was just quoted for $80. I am hoping to determine whether or not this is a good deal.

My 02 Blazer transmission is doing fine at 150K. It's all about good or bad driving habits and maintenance.

If you are selling your Chevy to a private seller and it if it is the 2 door model according to it is worth. Excellent $2510 Good $2135 Fair $1725

Sounds like it is time for a good tune up including spark plug wires.

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