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Bharath is the other name for the India in the Indian languages.

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Q: Where is bharath?
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When was Bharath Sriraman born?

Bharath Sriraman was born in 1971.

When was Bharath Reddy born?

Bharath Reddy was born in 1954.

When was Bharath born?

Bharath was born on 1984-07-21.

Is the bharath award winners in Malayalam film?

mammootty, bharath gopi, and mohanlal

How tall is Vijay Bharath Reddy?

Vijay Bharath Reddy is 5' 7".

When was Bharath Gopi born?

Bharath Gopi was born on 1937-11-08.

When did Bharath Gopi die?

Bharath Gopi died on 2008-01-29.

Who recieved first bharath rathna award?

who recieved first bharath rathna award

Is there holiday for colleges because of Bharath Bandh tomorrow in Tamil Nadu?

There are no known holidays for Bharath Bandh in Tamil Nadu.

How you will write bharat in Hindi?


What country are Hindus from?

Hindus are from Bharath itself

What was the name of india before independence?


Who was awarded the Bharath Ratna in 1980?


What is the caste of Tamil actor bharath?


Which is indias national dance?

Bharath Natyam and its variants

By what name was India known in ancient time?


Best college campus in chennai?

Bharath university

What is the definition of bharath?

The land where the people are part of God.

Who received the first Bharath Rathna award?

sathyajith ray

Can anybody tell me which is the best university in chennai.?

"Bharath univesity"

Email id of Tamil film actor bharath?


Does Bharath watch dirty videos?

Yes, especially ones with you in them.

Why did Hinduism begin?

Rather a difficult question. We can say that it orginated from Bharath. But what constituted the old Bharath is a doubtful question. Actually "Sanathan Dharma" orginated from the great ancient Scientists (Rishis).

What has the author Bharath Raj Muthu Kumar written?

Bharath Raj Muthu Kumar has written: 'Problems in the educational development of scheduled caste students in Karnataka' -- subject(s): Dalits, Education

What is the list of top 250 engineering colleges in Tamilnadu?

Bharath university