Where is curry sauce from?

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From the Indian spice tumeric

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Q: Where is curry sauce from?
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How many calories in curry sauce?

There are 120 calories in the Curry Sauce.

How do you make curry sauce?

first get some curry sauces from a shop. Then get some small bowls. put the curry sauce into the bowls And you have just made curry sauce !!

Where can you buy Chinese curry sauce made by goldfish?

You can buy Goldfish Curry sauce in Sainsburys, and Tesco's.

Does curry sauce have acid in it?


Does jerk sauce contain curry?

Both Jerk Sauce is made from a blend of spices,Curry is a blend of various spices.The recipe for Jerk may contain some of the same spices as those used in Curry (there are many recipes for Curry!) but the overlap is not complete - so - No, jerk sauce does not contain curry.

Curry means what?

Curry is a Tamil word that means "sauce". Curry is a popular dish in Indian countries.

Where can you buy goldfish curry sauce in Germany?

You can buy it in the Land that Doesn't exist - it is in Berlin. Goldfish curry sauce does not exist in anywhere in the world.

What would you call rice with coconut sauce in Hindi?

nnn= Chaaval ;coconut sauce do you mean curry?like gravy with a coconut milk as a sauce?thats called kadi (curry)

How many calories are in yellow curry?

There are about 130 calories in 4oz of yellow curry sauce.

What country does curry sauce?

India and Thailand both

How do you get curry sauce out of clothes?

wash it with peroxide and deterent

How do you make hot curry sauce?

To make a hot curry sauce You must add a hint of Alex Evans to do this you must go to caerphilly. rudry to be exact

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