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Where is drain plug for transmission on 94 Thunderbird?


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If you don't see one then it more than likely does not have one, as very few transmissions do. Pan must be removed. Remove the Pan, drain the fluid, replace the transmission filter. Clean the pan completely, make sure to clean the magnet really good and replace it and it help keep metal shaving away from the moving parts and even helps keep the filter clean longer. clean the area on both the Transmission and Pan where the replacement gasket goes. Use just enough gasket glue to prevent leaks.


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where is the trany drain plug on a 1994 ttracker

Either at the rear or side of the oil pan

If you do not see a drain plug, then the pan must be removed.

There isn't one, you have to remove the pan to drain the fluid.

Should be a drain plug at the bottom of transmission and a fill plug at the side

94 civic transmission fluid drain

A drain plug is just a bolt used to plug a hole preventing liquid flow from that hole.

On the bottom of the radiator.

The oil drain plug is on the bottom of the oil pan.

For 94 & newer Dodge Stealth models, The fill plug is located to the front of the manual transmission case (Front of the car). The drain plug is located on the outside passengers side of the transmission case, toward the bottom (obviously). Make sure to remove the fill plug first, with a 17mm wrench. Drain plug is also a 17mm. Once the fill plug is removed, remove the drain plug. Clean off the drain plug, as it has a magnet, to capture metal shavings. Put the clean drain plug back on. Easiest way to fill the transmission case, is to buy a pump kit. Makes it way easier to fill, and will attach to the gear oil bottle. Put the hose into the fill hole, and begin pumping the gear oil. Once it starts spilling out of the fill hole, you're done. Tighten the fill plug, and let 'er buck.

Bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

on the front of the transmission (looking towards the back of the car standing at the front of the hood) you will see a 3/8 inch drive ratchet drive plug, that is the fill point, on the bottom of the transmission you will find a 1/2 inch drive plug that is the drain point.

This is for the 94 Manual Paseo and I am assuming it is the same for the 96 paseo. The fill plug is located under the air filter housing. It is the biggest one on there and looks similar to the drain plug at the bottom.

if your 94 cougar has the 4.6 v8 u can only use the trans from a 94 or 95 cougar or thunderbird with the 4.6 v8

Should be a removable plug on the side of the transmission Fluid should be at this level

It will be on the very bottom of the radiator either the left or right side. If you do not see a drain plug it might not have one. If it does not have one it requires you to remove the lower radiator hose to drain the radiator.

there is no drain plug on the transmission pan u have to remove the whole pan and there will be a filter inside, u have to replace the filter, pan gasket and make sure to tighten all the bolts to the proper torque specs with a torque wrench hope this helps u

If a 94 Thunderbird starter will not turn over, the battery may be dead. The battery should be charged with jumper cables.

The Coolant Drain Plug for a 1997 Honda Accord LX 4cyl is at the bottom of the Radiator on the left side, if you were facing the Vechiel. It if stock it looks like a Black Medal Wingnut, unless different Drain Plug was put in by previous Owner. The block drain is an 8mm plug next to the oil filer on a 94 Accord LX 2.2L. 94-97 might be the same. There is a 10mm plug near the oil filter also, but it contains oil... I know. I have tried to remove my coolant block drain plug but without success so far... It is torqued! hw

You have to jack the car up or put on rack and feel on the top of the tranny for the plug with wires attached and that will be it.

if drain plug is stopped up, u need to lose antifreeze and flush radiator and then replace with new antifreeze as obviously the radiator and coolant are dirty or drain plug would not stop up

Can I replace my auto transmission with a maual transmission in my 94 trooper

There is no dipstick for a manual transmission on a 94 for f150. To check the fluid you will need to get under the truck and remove a check plug. The plug will be about half way up the trans case either on the left or right side. Take the plug out and put your finger in the hole. The fluid should be withing 1/2 inch of the hole. Make sure you pull the plug that is half way up the case and not the one at the bottom as that one will drain the fluid out.

The engine diagnostic plug is under the hood next to the battery. The body, transmission, abs diagnostic plug is under the dash on the driver side, next to the fuse box.

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