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Answered 2007-10-08 00:29:54 is a cool Web 2.0 real estate Portal for listing residential and commercial properties. Even Expatriates (living in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, UK, India, Australia) can post real esate ads for properties in India.

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Need of real estate website?

Real estate website is for providing information about their services

What is the best method to get information regarding real estate in Victoria?

Real Estate Institute of Victoria is a good place to look. This website is devoted entirely to real estate in Victoria for people to purchase, lease, and buy for their own use.

What real estate brokers are in Utah?

The best place to find real estate brokers in Utah is their division's website. Other than that, listing services such as LoopNet provided long lists of Utah based real estate brokers.

Where can one find information on real estate investments?

There are many websites which provide information on real estate investments. These include the official website of the real estate company you wish you learn about, the "REIClub" website and also the "CREonline" website.

Where can someone find a real estate agent for Brentwood?

You can find a real estate agent for Brentwood at the realtor website. You can browse around on their website to find listings for real estate agents.

Which real estate agents specialize in commercial properties?

Commercial Real Estate from the Showcase website has numerous commercial listings. Specialized Real Estate agents can be found at the Loopnet website.

What is a good real estate website in Canada?

It depends on what you are looking for: a real estate website with properties listed or a site about real estate career? eitherway, is one for the first category and is for getting your real estate licence

What would you find on the commercial real estate training website?

Information found on the commercial real estate training website might include locations of places that are hiring, how to sell real estate and the commission involved in real estate sales.

Where is the information on real estate listings in Dallas?

One will be able to find information on real estate listings in Dallas on the online website Realtor dot com. Another place to find information of real estate listings in Dallas is Zillow.

How do you set up your own real estate website?

A real estate agent can purchase a domain and create their own website or they could purchase a website from a company who specializes in selling real estate websites for people who would like to own their website.

Where can one find a real estate investor website?

A real estate investor website that is popular is the National Real Estate Investors Association. It provides many details and educates on the topic of investing into real estate. They are non-profit and have been serving the real estate industry for 20 years.

Why real estate website?

To provide you the best and accurate information of the Real Estate, for the fulfillment of individual needs. Here you can get much more and perfect information regarding Real Estate in Islamabad (Deal and Deals).

What can one do on the website Real Estate Notes?

On the website Real Estate Notes one can find real estate listings for businesses. A real estate note is when two parties are involved and gives one capital to purchase a home or another building.

What is the best place to start looking to buy real estate in Idaho?

The best place to start looking to buy real estate in Idaho is on real estate websites such as Realtor, Buy Idaho Real Estate, Real Estate Sand Point, and Idaho Properties.

Where can one purchase a Summit Country real estate?

You can purchase Summit County real estate from the Summit County Real Estate website. Once on the website, you can learn about the company or perform a property search.

What is the website Commercial Real Estate all about?

The website Commercial Real Estate is about finding Commercial Real Estate for sale and lease. You can also find Office Space and Industrial Properties and Businesses for sale.

What can one search for on the website 'First National Real Estate'?

On the website Fist National Real Estate, one will find flats and houses that are for sale as well as for rent in Australia. One can also find a real estate agent on the website.

Where is Kansas real estate located?

Kansas real estate is located in the US state of Kansas. There is a page on Yahoo for Kansas real estate and the Kansas Real Estate Commission has its own website as well.

Where can one get real estate website design?

There are many places one could go to get website design that is specific to real estate. Aro Software and Intagent solely design websites for real estate agents and companies.

Where is a good place for real estate leads?

As a real estate agent it is important to get the jump on the newest real estate listings and sellers. The website, Real Estate Leads, is an excellent website for real estate agents to look for leads.

Where can one purchase a Princeton house?

Zillow is a place that advertises houses and real estate in Princeton. Truila is another website with realty information in this area. Lastly, try a local real estate agent.

Is there a real estate school where I can learn to become a real estate agent?

Allied Real Estate School is a great place to start. They'll help you get your real estate license and be out selling houses in no time.

Where is Champions Real Estate located?

Champions Real Estate is located in Houston, Texas but also serves the San Antonio, Dallas and Austin real estate regions. You can get more information about the Champions Real Estate Group online at the Champions Real Estate Group website.

What kind of services are provided by the website 'Real estate book'?

The Real Estate Book website provides a wide array of services relating to real estate. Primarily, they collect listings for houses which are up for sale around the country.

What is the 1 real estate website? and