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The fuel injectors in a Fiat Brava areÊlocated in the fuel rail. The fuel rail is located under the vehicle's hood and looks like a pipe.

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Where is the fuel pump located on fiat brava?

in the fuel tank

How much fuel a Fiat brava consume?

it can hold £50 worth

Where are all the sensors on a Fiat brava?

Where are all the sensors on a fiat brava 80 sx 1.2

When was the Fiat Brava produced?

The Fiat Brava was a car produced by Fiat, an Italian automobile maker, in 1995. These cars were produced in combination with the Fiat Bravo. They were produced until 2001.

What is the market value for a Fiat Brava?

Depends what u want in the fiat brava and what year and the like the size engine. but I will say the average decent brava is about £200 - £400

Where is the air filter on a fiat brava?

On most cars, air filters are located on the top of an engine. This will probably be the same location for a Fiat Brava.

Where are the spark plugs located in a Fiat brava?

In Fiat Brava 1997, the spark plugs are located under the hood under 4 cables that are located in the middle of the engine.

Why does the passenger door on fiat brava keep getting stuck?

It is possible that the door on the Fiat Brava is stuck because the latch is bent. It may take a professional to change out the parts.

What are the warning light symbols on the dashboard of Fiat brave r reg?

i put fiat brave i actually meant Fiat Brava

Where is diagnostic socket?

fiat brava 1.6 16v 2001

What battery do you need for a 2001 Fiat brava 1.3?

Advise best battery for fiat 2001 1.6

Does Fiat brava alloys fit a Fiat stilo?

Yes altough you'll need different bolts

Where is the rear wiper switch on a fiat brava?

rotate the right stalk forward

Where is the bonnet lever on a Fiat bravo?

the bonnet lever on a fiat brava is by the clutch pedel and has a red handle this may be the same on the bravo

How do you do timing on r reg fiat brava 1.6?

Brava 1.6. engine code 182A4.000 Ignition timing is not adjustable. The timing is controlled by the ECM.

What is the market value for a Fiat Brava Formila 2001?

Depends on the condition and service history

1600 brava timing marks?

does any body out there know how to set timing marks on fiat brava/bravo 1600 1997 on the year thanx martin.

Where is the fuel filter located on a fiat brava sx 1200?

Petrol versions are located under a plastic cover under the car, just ahead of the right-hand rear wheel.

How do you change a fuel injector in a 1987 Nissan maxima?

Where is the fuel injector located?

What is the market value for a 1999 Fiat Brava 1.2 W reg?

depends what country you're in

What makes a fuel injector fire?

The fuel injector provides the fuel. The spark plug provides the fire.

Does the ford explorer 4.0 equipped with a carburetor or fuel injector?

It is equipped with a fuel injector.

Fiat Punto 55s seem to be flooding getting too much fuel causing uneven idling.?

It is a faulty sticking injector, or LAMBDA Sensor, Or faulty ECU

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1984 Cadillac Seville?

attached to the fuel injector fuel rail which is attached to the top part of the fuel injector.

Cadillac deville fuel diagram i need to know what the part that clips to the motor on the fuel injector on top it hold the injector in place.?

the part attached to the top of the fuel injector is called the fuel rail

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