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What is the top speed of a 50cc engine?

The speed of the engine is defined as the maximum revolutions per minute of the crank, which would depend on engine design. 50cc chainsaws can rev to over 14,000rpm. The maximum speed of a vehicle with a 50cc engine would depend on its weight, the gearing, the fuel and the environment it is being ridden in. It is possible to tune a 50cc engine in a motorcycle to go over 100mph - but at the cost of engine longevity.

What size is a 50cc engine?

3.05 cubic inches? What are you asking?

How much volts does a Honda 50cc engine have?

12 V

Is it possible to put a 4 stroke 50cc Engine in the place of a 2 stroke 50cc engine in such a bike as for example an aprillia rs50?

you would be able to put a gsx-r 1200cc engine in it. hope that helps! haha

What is faster a 50cc scooter or 1600cc scooter?

why a 50CC of course providing it is going against a 1600CC that has a seized engine rolling downhill.

Where is the fuse box located on a AP 50cc scooter?

we need a video peace sports 50cc fuse box location

Where is the restrictor in the carb on a 50cc 2stroke?

The restrictor in the carb of a 50 cc 2 stroke engine is located between the carburetor and the intake manifold. It reduces the flow of air and fuel into the engine's combustion engine.

How do you increase speed on 50cc scooter 4 stroke engine?

Take out the top speed restrictor plate. If you don't know how to do it contact a proffesional. where are the restrictor plates located

2008 roketa 50cc scooter what size of motor does it have?

50cc is the size of the engine/motor. 50cc means it is 50 cubic centimetres, that's 50cm3 (that 3 should be smaller and diagonally above the m to the right).

What is the biggest motorcycle engine you can get get when you are 16?

no bigger then 50cc under a provisional license

What is the motorcycle engine size limit for a 16 year old in England?

It is 50cc.

Wiring diagram for a loncin 50cc engine?

motorcycle turns over but no spark

Can you restrict a 100cc to 50cc scooter?

You can restrict its performance but no you cannot change from 100cc to 50cc unless you have a 50cc engine for the same model bike, but requires more work than worth as you would need to downgrade other parts.

Is there such thing as a 47 cc scooter?

Yes there is, but with retail marketing, they always round it up to 50cc, most 50cc scooters arent even 50cc, they are about 49.5 or so. and like the Suzuki Burgman 650cc, it is actually 638cc, they just round up to make it so people buy it. Incase you don't know, the 47cc or 50cc or 650cc is the size of the engine, not the model number or its power. only the size of the engine. so stop saying scooter and say something like is there a 47cc scooter engine, because it is an engine, not a scooter.

Performance parts on a 50cc engine scooter?

To enhance your scooters 50cc engine. Buy a 80cc big boar kit. It costs about £50. Apart from engine upgrades, there is exhaust derestriction or just buy a sports exhaust. Sports ignition coil is also advisable in my opinion.

How do you remove guvnor on suzuki 50cc dirt bike?

You can just adjust it to turn off .

Can you start a small engine with a lantern battery?

It depends what engine it is. If it was just a toy car yes... but if it was a mower no. what about a 50cc atv??

Where is the battery located on a 50cc moped?

on my scooter it is under the floor where I put my feet.

How many gears do Honda z50's have?

It has a 50cc Engine with a 2 speed.....

Can you put a 110cc pocket bike engine in a 50cc super pocket bike without mods?

Yes you can put on a 110cc bike engine on a 50cc bike and if there is any modification work then just take it to a local bike repair shop.

How fast does mini dirt bike go 50cc thanks?

Not every 50cc mini bike goes the same speed, it various on, the engine, the suspension, the weight of the rider, etc.

How much is 50cc in mph?

50 cc is a engine size and mph is a speed. The two are totally unrelated, except by the maximum amount of power you can get out of a 50cc engine. The final speed will then be governed by weight, wind resistance and final drive power.

How fast can a 50cc engine go in mph?

70mph if u knw wot ur doin

What is the Worlds most produced engine?

The Honda 50cc single cylinder OHC engine (Supercub) is the world's most produced engine (over 80 million units)

How do you adjust a drive chain on a monster joe 50cc ATV?

Have to remove chain links, there is no chain adjustment