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thyroid gland

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Q: Where is iodine stored in humans body?
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Where is iodine stored in the body?

Iodine is stored throughout the body, including in the muscles and bones. The thyroid gland concentrates the iodine from throughout the body; it is essential for proper growth and development.

Where iodine is stored?

Iodine is mostly stored in the thyroid, but smaller amounts are in the muscles and bones. Indirectly, iodine has a major effect on a lot of systems in the body through the thyroid gland.

What is the MAXIMUM dose of iodine in humans?

0.92 litres what is this litres of body weight or what?

How is iodine stored?


What body tissue is DDT stored in humans?

DDT can be stored in fatty tissues of humans. In women who are pregnant, DDT exposure can occur even in the fetus.

Why iodine tablet supplied to people living near nuclear power plant?

Iodine tablets are used in a nuclear accident to saturate the thyroid with non radioactive iodine. During a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine is released and the critical organ in the human body is the thyroid gland. Therefore if the thyroid is already full of non radioactive iodine the radioactive iodine can not be absorbed.

Stored form of sugar in humans?

Glycogen is the stored reserve of sugar in the body. It is converted into glucose if our muscles need to respire.

What trace element needed by humans is commonly added to table salt?

This element is iodine (I).

How do humans and plants store polysaccharides?

The most common polysaccharide stored in animal body is glycogen . It is mostly stored in the liver and is converted into glucose when the body requires it .

What is stored by the body as energy reserves?

Energy is stored for later use by converting it to a compound that can be stored. These are glycogen and humans and starch in plants. In humans, insulin is produced by the pancreas which converts glucose (which can't be stored) into glycogen (which can be stored) which is stored in the liver. to convert the glycogen back to glucose when energy is needed the pancreas produces glucagon, this then converts the glycogen to glucose which is ready to be used by the body for energy.

What is the excess of stored food in humans?

The excess of food that is stored in the human body is known as fat. A person must be mindful of having too much fat storage, as this can cause a strain on the body.

Why iodine solution stored in coloured bottled?

Iodine solution reacts with light to undergo a photodecomposition reaction and therefore must be stored in amber bottles to minimise the amount of light that the solution is exposed to. If stored in a clear bottle it will gradually break down as the iodide ions are gradually converted to iodine and the solution turns a yellowish colour.