King David

Where is king David from?


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King David was a Jew born in Bethlehem, Israel.

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The next king after David was his son king Solomon.

David was the 2nd king of Israel. The first king was Saul.

King David DID have sisters.

Saul was the king before David.

Samuel selected David as king, but Solomon succeeded his father David as king.

When David was chosen as the king by Samuel, Saul was king then.

King David was the king of Judah and Israel. The separation between the kingdoms was on the days of king David's grandson, king Rehoboam (son of king Solomon, who was the son of king David).

king David built an empire for israel

David was anointed in Bethlehem.

Yes King David was one of the prohets.

No. David was King Saul's Harpist.

No. King David was from the tribe of Judah.

David became King when he was 37 year old.

king David solomon,the son of david was the greatest king of the jews

No, David was the second king of Israel. Saul was the first.

Yes, Solomon was the son of King David, and became king after him.

King David in Hebrew is 'Melech David', it is spelled מלך דוד

After the death of king David, his son Solomon succeeded David to the throne.

king David waiting to be king learned how to be a good man as king

According to tradition, King David was the second king of the Israelites. See also:More about King DavidList of the Israelite kings

King David was a warrior, a leader and a poet.

David I was King of Scotland from 1124-1153.

King David lived in jerusalem, Israel.

King David was born in 1040 B.C.

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