Where is mass air flow sensor on 1993 GMC Sonoma?

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The CPI or TBI system doesn't use a MAF (mass air flow) sensor.
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Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 2003 gmc sonoma?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI assume you wish to reset your ECU (computer). It really depends on the year. On my 97 626: Remove negative battery cable, depress brakes for 10-15 seconds(to ensure power is completely depleted). Reconnect Battery. This will reset your computer. you may need to put a ( Full Answer )

Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 1993 GMC Yukon?

Look along the air intake passage front to throtle body; I'm sure it's there somewhere. Many parts houses on the Internet have component locators, try NAPA or Autozone, Shucks....many local libraries have on line resources for auto repair. You might find a component locator there as well. Go buy a H ( Full Answer )

What is a mass air flow sensor?

Its in the air Filter box of your car. Stop using K&N The MAF sensor monitors the air flow into the engine and sends that info to the ECM.

Where is the oxygen sensor on 1999 GMC Sonoma?

Answer . If you follow the exhaust tubing that leads from the engine. It is located after the exhaust manifold and after the next pipe is bolted together. Sowhere in this area you will find one. It might have just one or it will have one coming off each exhaust header side. It just depends on the ( Full Answer )

How do you check the Mass air flow sensor on a 1993 ford ranger?

unplug it, if there is no change in how the engine runs it may be bad. the only for sure way is to test it on a sensor tester. There are some MIL codes that will lead to a faulty MAF p0102 maf signal low input p0103 MAF signal high p1100 maf circuit output low during self test p1101 maf se ( Full Answer )

Where is the mass air flow sensor on 1999 VW beetle?

The MAF is under the hood (!) - facing the car from the front bumper, it'll be on the right hand side, just to the left of the AIR FILTER box. There is a hose that comes off the airf filter box that runs to the intake manifold. The MAF is inline, and it can be identified by the sensor wire that atta ( Full Answer )

Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 2001 Toyota sienna?

Answer . The 2001 Sienna MAF is on top of the Air filter box on the driver side of the engine. It is mounted with two screws and has an electrical harness attached to it. It could be replaced in less than 5 minutes using only a screw driver.

Where is the mass air flow sensor?

Ford Engines: . You MAFS (Mass Air Folw Sensor) depending on if you car is a z-tec or duratec would be right in front of you if you open the hood (assuming it's a duratec). It is connected to you MAF tube. If you follow your intake it's the tube right before it coonects to your plastic intake manif ( Full Answer )

Can you clean a mass air flow sensor?

Yes you can by using Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner by CRC. Kragen Auto Parts sells it. This is what the Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner by CRC looks like (http://www.autobarn.net/maairflsecl1.html) you can order it online too. After you clean the mass air flow sensor make sure to reset the check eng ( Full Answer )

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1998 GMC Sonoma?

There are four O2 sensors on that vehicle assuming you have a 4.3L engine. The 2.2L engine I believe has three. They are accessible underneath the vehicle and are threaded into the exhaust system. One is located on each end of the cat converter and the other ones are directly behind each bank of cyl ( Full Answer )

What does mass air flow sensor do?

The mass air flow (MAF) sensor measures the mass of the air entering the engine. Because air mass varies with air temperature (cold air is denser than warm air), measuring air mass provides the PCM with a very acurate way of determining the correct amount of fuel to obtain the ideal fuel/air mixture ( Full Answer )

What does a air flow mass sensor do?

It senses the amount of air being drawn into the engine and communicates with the computer to adjust fuel levels accordingly.

What is the purpose of the mass air flow sensor?

It determines the Mass of the Air Flowing into the engine. The engine computer must know how much air is flowing into the engine to determine how much fuel to inject into the cylinders to get the appropriate fuel-air mixture.

Where is Knock sensor 1994 gmc sonoma?

Depends on the engine, on the 4.3 TBI its on the passenger side screwed into the head between the first and second plug.

Where are the grease fittings on 1993 GMC sonoma?

There are alot of grease fittings on this truck, i dont know all the names for the places, but here goes. 2 Fittings where the steering shaft attaches to the bar that turns the wheels 2 Fittings behind the front wheels 2 Fittings behind rear wheels 4 more fittings under the truck engine ( Full Answer )

Where is mass air flow sensor on 1986.5?

It is located in line with the air filter just before the big black air intake tube on the right-hand side of the engine. You'll have to remove a few bolts to get to it...

Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 1993 ford F-150?

Mass Airflow Sensor Operation The Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor directly measures the mass of air being drawn into the engine. The sensor output is used to calculate injector pulse width. The (MAF) sensor is what is referred to as a "hot-wire sensor". The sensor uses a thin platinum wire filame ( Full Answer )

How do you install mass air flow sensor?

Most MAF sensors are located in the air duct between the air filter box and the throttle body. Remove the electrical connector. Then loosen the hose clamps that hold the MAF in place. Swap out the sensor and tighten the clamps.

Where is the computer in 1993 GMC sonoma?

under the glove box, follow the wires coming through the boot on the firewall. it's mounted vertically under the lower passenger side dash

What does a 3.1 mass air flow sensor look like?

A 3.1 does not use a mass air flow sensor. It uses a MAP sensor. It is usually mounted on the firewall or the top back side of the engine. It will be about 3 inches long, 1 1/2 wide, black, and on the bottom side of it there will be one vacuum hose and one electrical connection. They are usually bol ( Full Answer )

What happen to the engine of Mazda 626 1993 model when Mass air Flow Sensor is malfunction?

If the MAF sensor is clearly wrong, then the computer will calculate a substitute value and it will turn on the MIL indicator on the dash. If it is partially wrong, the MIL might not indicate, but performance will suffer. To test it, you will need a scan tool and the proper diagnostic procedures. Se ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of the mass air flow sensor?

You can go to Autozone.com and log in (free). Then you can enter the year make model of a vehicle, and then the part you want. It will give you the cost of that item for your specific vehicle, and the number and address to the store. You can then even call the store to be sure they have it in stock ( Full Answer )

How do you bypass a mass air flow sensor?

You can unplug it and your car will be in limp mode, but bypassing is not a good idea. It is the single most important sensor on any car and determines air/fuel ratio.

How can a mass air flow sensor be cleaned?

A mass air flow sensor can be found on vehicles with fuel injectors. There are many step by step videos and written instruction manuals that show how to take off this sensor and clean it with a cleaning product purchased at an automotive store.

What if P0102 is not mass air flow sensor?

First have to be sure it isn't the MAF. Simply cleaning the MAF is not enough sometimes. With the vehicle running, tap on the MAF plug... Any difference? Then with vehicle running, unplug the MAF... Does it run better? If so, MAF is bad. If these check out fine, then it could be a dirty throttle bod ( Full Answer )