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Obviously, "qwerty" is the first six letters on the regular American keyboard. It's easy to type, but I odn't know if "qwerty" has another defintion. Does anyone know what it means? You didn't notice while you were typing the question?

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โˆ™ 2008-07-16 21:48:12
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Q: Where is qwerty found on the keyboard?
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What are the Disadvantages of the qwerty keyboard?

A: The letters found in the word qwerty are next to each other.

What is an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard?

the alternative to the qwerty keyboard is the AZERTY keyboard

Why a keyboard called a Querty keyboard?

QWERTY Are the first six letters of the QWERTY Keyboard.

Who patened the qwerty keyboard?


What are facts about the qwerty keyboard?

The qwerty keyboard was named after the first six letters of the keyboard (starting from the top left as you would normally read), which just happened to be QWERTY. Thus, the name 'qwerty keyboard'. The qwerty keyboard also greatly improved the typing speed of everyone who typed on it and was willing to learn the qwerty style of keyboarding.

Does the Toshiba TG01 mobile phone have a qwerty keyboard?

No, it does not have a physical qwerty keyboard.

Why is a Qwerty keyboard called a qwerty keboard?

Look at the top row of letters on the keyboard. Starting from the left: "QWERTY".

What does physical QWERTY mean as in a phone?

qwerty means keyboard It means a keyboard in the QWERTY format, which is the commen format for a normal laptop or desktop keyboard.

Why are the keys on the qwerty keyboard to the qwerty?

Because Its How It Is

Has the Samsung genio touch got a QWERTY keyboard?

The samsung Genio Touch does not have a qwerty keyboard it uses the normal text style, the Genio Slide has the qwerty keyboard.

Does the Samsung II have a qwerty keyboard?

Samsung Behold II has no qwerty keyboard.Samsung BlackJack II has a qwerty keyboard.Samsung Omnia II is a touch screen.

Why is the keyboard called the Qwerty keyboard?

because of the first 6 letters on the top left corner of the keyboard it is called QWERTY!!!

What is the other alternative keyboard to the QWERTY?

The Dvorak simplified keyboard is the other alternative keyboard to the Qwerty. The Qwerty is the most widely used. See the related link for further information.

What is the name of the keyboard that you hold?

It is a Qwerty keyboard.

Was qwerty qwerty?

It used to be the original ABC keyboard but people started typing to fast so the made it harder to type with the QWERTY keyboard

What is a qwerty keyboard on a phone?

its a keyboard like a keyboard for a computer

Does the TI-84 plus have a QWERTY keyboard?

It does not have a normal qwerty keyboard, but all the letters of the alphabet are there.

How can you use qwerty keyboa?

if you are on a computer you are using a qwerty keyboard

How does the keyboard get it name qwerty?

On a standard English keyboard the first six letters of the first row are qwerty, so this is how this keyboard layout is known.

Does the samsung s5600 have a qwerty keyboard?

no it has standard keyboard

What is the name of the keyboard you use today?

Qwerty keyboard.

Why does the keyboard have the name qwerty?

The keyboard is called Qwerty because the first 6 letters are Q W E R T Y which spells qwerty.

Who invented the qwerty keyboard?

Christopher Latham Scholes invented the qwerty keyboard in 1875.christopher latham scholes

On a QWERTY keyboard the letter 'M' is on the row?

On a QWERTY keyboard the letter 'M' is on the ZXCVB row.

What are the advantages of qwerty keyboard over the other keyboards?

The Qwerty Keyboard is the main keyboard used in almost every state, school, and job opportunities and