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LOL most likely on the radiator,near the bottom i would imagine

If you are facing the vehicle, the petcock is located on the left side bottom of the radiator. It is not easy as it should be to get the petcock to turn. I had to get to it from the passenger side fender. There are sharp metal pieces above the assembly so be careful not to scrape your arm.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-09 00:27:39
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Q: Where is radiator petcock on 2002 Dodge Intrepid?
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Locate the radiator cap in the plastic reservoir on the right side of the car like at 2pm location (where 6pm is you standing in front of the car.

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Yes , the 2002 Dodge Intrepid is front wheel drive

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The thermostat is located under the housing where the lower radiator hose(yes lower) hooks to the engine.

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Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

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On the radiator...

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At a recycling yard.

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That is the electronic automatic transaxle.

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It is under the housing that the lower radiator hose hooks to on the engine. Remove alternator to access 1 bolt, oh, and move radiator forward to make room.

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To get to the side mirror switch on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid look on the driver side door. The mirror switch is located just above the window up and down switches.

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There are four oxygen sensors on a 2002 Intrepid. There is one before, and one after the catalytic converter on each side of the engine.

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Where is the fuse box for a dodge sebring

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