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Where is relay on 1994 Honda Accord for sun roof?


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where is relay on 1994 Honda accord for sun roof

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Roof racks for all types of cars (including Honda Accords) can be bought online. When searching for roof racks, it is very important to include specific information regarding your vehicle to ensure the roof rack will fit.

EX class had one, and I think te SE did too...

Roof with a Hole was created in 1994.

i don't think that there are Honda civic EX on Honda civic GX, but there is a Honda Accord EX maybe that's what you are looking for. you can check some free car classifieds on the internet to know more about the car you are looking for honda civic ex is the one that comes with power windows power locks and sun roof and v-tec engine

The Pilot's first generation came with the option of a Moon Roof. The Moon Roof Visor is a Genuine Honda Accessory for pilots 2003-2010.

The roof on the Honda del sol is a targa top, manual, you take it off with your hands, then open the trunk then slide it onto the roof rack, (in the trunk) then latch it, then close trunk.

in the perimeter of the roof. between the headliner and roof.

The 2003-2008 Honda Pilot ranged from 70.6 to 71.7 inches depending on trim level and with the roof rack. The 2009-2015 Honda Pilot ranged from 70.7 to 72.4 inches depending on the trim level and with the roof rack.

Remove base from roof, cut old wire, tape it SECURELY to the new wire and pull it down through the pillar from under the dash. If you lose the wire pulling it through it can be a pain to get the new wire into place.

It should, there were no significant changes made to the dimensions of the 2007 civic.

Touched by an Angel - 1994 An Angel on the Roof 5-11 was released on: USA: 13 December 1998

there are 2 safety latches, one on each side of the roof, just flip those and it lifts right off

In the head liner right by the dome light and sun roof control

This might mean your roof is not secured in the boot properly. Make sure Its latched in securely.

There are many accessories for the Honda ridge line such as a radio or leather seats and leather interior you may also get the navigator or sun roof.

It's under the covering in the trunk on the left side.

There are after-market roof racks that will fit, but for a "factory-fit" rack you will have to contact a dealer - or try an auto salvage yard.

There is normally a relay next to the dome light under the roof liner in your vehicle. By pulling the roof liner back some you maybe able to see the relay. Chances are this relay has failed. Ford had an issue with these relays at one point causing electrical fires from overheating; I know because our Ford Aerostar almost caught fire because of this relay. Have the relay checked and if it isn't that then have a look at your fuses, also you could have a worn door switch which may not be working due to corrosion. Start with the fuse then the switch and lastly the relay, it's always easiest to start with the simple items first. Good luck....

you get a hack saw and cut it off or get an alluminion blade to saw it off

The 1994 "Saftey Package" was right side windows, roof rails, and the roof flaps, in a high speed spin the low pressure on the roof causes the flaps to deploy, (there is also a tunnel between the flaps to help each other deploy) when the flaps pop-up this causes a high pressure area on the roof holding the car down on the track rather then the lifting and flipping prior to the installation of this package.

Removing the roof panel requires that you locate and back-out two screws from the rear of the panel, and the two at the front..., there was a tool supplied in the center console for this purpose.

Funny enough I am looking in the roof area on a 97 model. I am diagnosing a parasitic draw situation. I will update in a few hours if its in there. Alldata has a diagram that by my interpretation points in the roof area LFT center.

I'm not 100% sure if they are to do with the moon roof, but if you pull out the right rear heater/air con vent (behind the driver) there are two 20A fuses. Maybe one of these are part of the motor.

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