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Where is the AC clutch relay in a 1993 GMC Typhoon?

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On the firewall, driver side, near the hood hinge. Of the 2 relays mounted in that location, it is the one closest to the hinge.

2008-06-26 18:30:26
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When was GMC Typhoon created?

GMC Typhoon was created in 1992.

Where is the horn relay located on a 1993 GMC sierra?

The horn relay on the 1993 GMC Sierra is located on the fuse box. The horn relay is a rectangular shaped plug next to two larger round plugs.

Where is the oil filter for 1993 gmc typhoon?

Under the air cleaner housing, behind the driver side headlight.

Who manufactured the typhoon?


Where is door lock relay location on 1993 gmc sierra x-cab?

On a 1993 GMC Sierra X-Cab, the door lock relay is located on the outside of the door. After taking off the side panels, the actuator should be visible.

Where is fuel pump relay 1993 gmc?

ussually it is on the firewall next to the brake booster at least that is where it is on mine.

How fast are GMC Typhoon?

not exeeding than 130mph

Remove clutch pedal 2004 GMC sierra?

how to remove a clutch pedal assembly 2004 gmc sierra

What car does Clint Eastwood drive?

1992 GMC Typhoon

What is The GMC Typhoon's Top Speed?

A stock GMC Typhoon is governed by the ECU and will not exceed 124 MPH.

Where is the AC relay location on a 1993 GMC Jimmy?

it is on the fire wall about half way across it. it is next to the powerr block

How many pounds of boost does a stock GMC Typhoon have?

14.7 psi

2001 gmc sonoma it will not start you can start it by poppin the clutch which would indicate to you that the starter is ok you have replaced the starter relay switch and the clutch switch any ideas?

How do you figure the starter is okay just by popping the clutch? Popping the clutch uses the driveline to turn the motor over. The starter is not involved at all.

Where is the fuse and relay box on a 1993 GMC suburban?

facing the engine compartment,it is on the right side,next to the brake fluid bowl.

How do you change the clutch cable on 1994 GMC sierra?

There is no clutch cable its hydrolic.

Why 1993 gmc sierra 1500 4x4 5spd manual trans wont go into any gear?

check clutch

What causes a load pop sound when you engage the clutch on a 1993 GMC K3500?

The syncros are going bad. they help the gears line up when you shift

Why is my 1998 GMC sonoma clutch is losing pressure?

The pad on the clutch is getting low

What is a good performace modification for a stock gmc typhoon?

What are the two black relay boxes under the hood of a 93 gmc sonoma?

The two black relay boxes under the hood of a 1993 GMC Sonoma are fuse boxes that control part of the electronic devices in the vehicle. One of the boxes also houses the battery below it.

Relay switch on a 1996 gmc jimmy?

There are several relay switch is on your 1996 GMC Jimmy. The brake light relay switch can be found below the dashboard in the engine compartment.

Where is the power door lock relay in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

Where is the power door lock relay in a 1994 GMC Jimmy Chevy 1500

Where do you find the Ac compressor relay on 1989 gmc truck?

where is the a/c relay located on an 1989 gmc k1500 with digital dash controller.

Where is the fuel relay fuse on a 1993 GMC Jimmy S15?

The fuel pump relay can be found mounted to the cowl on the drivers side, if you suspect a problem, check for a loose electrical connection; no other service is possible, except replacement. The fuel pump relay is the relay on the left, the one on the right is the A/C relay.

Where is the AC relay at on a 1997 GMC Sonoma?

The 1997 GMC air conditioning relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The air conditioning relay switch will be in the third column, at the top.