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They are located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, in Western Africa. =)

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Q: Where is the African Ashanti tribe located?
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Where is originally from Ashanti?

The pop singer Ashanti is originally from Glen Cove, New York. The African Ashanti tribe is located in central Ghana.

What was the Ashanti?

An African tribe in west Africa.Jamaica's national hero;nanny was from the Ashanti tribe. Many jamaicans are descendants of the Ashanti people.

Who was head of the tribe in early African communities?

The Ashanti Tribe was the head of the tribes In Africa. A tribal chief is the head of a tribe.

What do the African tribe Ashanti tribe make?

made pottery,clothing, and food.

The country of Ashanti?

Ashanti is not a country, it is a tribe located in parts of West Africa.

What do the African tribe Ashanti eat for food?

roots berries and grapes

What food does the Ashanti African tribe eat?

They ate berries fish roots and grapes

What was the economy like for the Ashanti Tribe?

The Ashanti tribe are mostly farmers. In fact 65 % of Ghana is farmers. Ghana is the country the Ashanti tribe is in.

Which African tribe has biggest butt?

The Ashanti...A big butt is a sign of good health and vitality ALSO YOUR MOM

How do you use Ashanti in a sentence?

Ashanti is a tribe in Ghana. Ashanti means anti-peace in Hindi.

What is the ethnicity of the singer Ashanti?

Ashanti is African-American.

What race Ashanti?

Ashanti is African American.

What is the population of the Ashanti tribe?


What sports do the Ashanti play?

The most popular sport in Ghana where the Ashanti Tribe live is Association Football.

Does the Ashanti tribe eat chicken?


Does the Ashanti tribe have a written language?


What country is the African temne tribe located?

sierra Leone

What does the Ashanti tribe eat?

roots berries and grapes

What weapons did the Ashanti tribe use?

One is Knife

Why were the Ashanti tribe slaves?

Because they were Black americans

What are the religions in Ashanti?

Christianity, Islam, and Traditional African religions are practiced by the Ashanti ethnic group.

What is an fact about the Ashanti tribe?

Search the golden stool on google.

Is Ashanti a tribe in South Africa?

No they live in Gahna in Western Africa.

Is the name Ashanti french?

Ashanti can be either French, African American, or Indian. It is a bilingual name descending from many cultures.

Who are the tribe of judah today?

The tribe of judah is african americand