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The Anne Sullivan memorial is located in Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts. Anne Sullivan was the teacher of Helen Keller, and the memorial commemorates her life and contributions.

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Q: Where is the Anne Sullivan memorial?
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What is Anne Sullivan's whole name?

Mary Anne Sullivan

Was Anne Sullivan Deaf?

Anne Sullivan was not deaf, she was partially blind.

What was Anne Sullivans brother name?

Anne Sullivan's brother's name was James Sullivan.

Why did Anne Sullivan's father leave Anne Sullivan and her sibling?

Anne Sullivan's father abandoned the family due to financial difficulties and alcoholism. He struggled to provide for his family and eventually left to seek work elsewhere, leaving Anne and her brother in dire circumstances.

Is Anne Sullivan a teacher or interpreter or both?

Anne Sullivan was an interpreter and teacher.

When was Anne Sullivan born?

Anne Sullivan was born on April 14, 1866.

Who was Anne Sullivan's student?

Anne Sullivan's famous student was Helen Keller.

Are Anne Sullivan and George Sullivan related?

no they are not

What was Helen kelers teachers full name?

Helen Keller's teacher's full name was Anne Sullivan Macy.

What are facts about Anne Sullivan?

Anne Sullivan made a big difference in some people life.

When was Anne Sullivan Communication Center created?

Anne Sullivan Communication Center was created in 1991.

Who was helens Keller teacher?

Annie Sullivan