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The 1996 Honda Accord OBD 2 port is inside storage behind ashtray


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no all 96 and newer cars have obd II computers

were is the oil sender switch on a 96 honda accord

Trouble code P0401 means:Exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected

why did my 96 honda accord iose all the fire to the coik and fuel pump

There is not an obd 2 port because all cars under 96 are obd 1 but it is under the dash on the right side

should be under the dash

The obd 2 port in my '96 Honda accord ex is behind the ash tray, you have to take out the ash tray to get to it. Hope this helps! :) This brilliant piece of wisdom saved me a lot of time and energy. Nearly had to get the fire department to use the jaws of life to get my head out from under the dash when I went to this site and found out my obd 2 plug was easy to reach.AnswerThe port is indeed behind the ash tray (just confirmed on a '96 LX). Who ever wrote this info was absolutely correct. I called the local Honda guru and he told me it was by the left kick panel and i wasted alot of time by the road broke down. Thanks to who ever shared the correct location...

depends on if the v-tech engine was made for 93 to 96 modles or for 96 to 98 modles

There are a few places where one can find parts for a 96 Honda Accord. This includes going to a Honda dealership, as well as looking at part suppliers online.

The 1996 Acura Integra OBD 2 port is under passenger dash

if it is the same trim level, yes. (lx, ex, dx, lxi)

It can cost upwards of 200.00 dollars to replace the transmission seals in a 96 Honda Accord as of 2014. The exact price depends on the seals you purchase.

Yes, the left front fenders are identical for the 95 and 96 model year Accord. They share the same exact OEM part number: 60261-SV4-508ZZ

The 1996 is a fifth-generation Accord and the 1999 is a sixth generation Accord. The spindles are not interchangeable. Know that the passenger-side and driver-side spindles are different.

It has a capacity of 17 gallons.

96 Honda Accord has an interference engine. Replace the Cam belt wrong and you have serious engine damage when you start the vehicle. For this reason you should seek the help of a professional.

under dash close to consul directly above gas pedal

If they have the exact same engine yes, otherwise no.

They are typically on the exhaust manifold.

It is located at the end of the fuel rail.

The 1996 Mitsubishi Galant OBD 2 port is on lower edge of drivers dash next to center console

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