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Where is the Oil Pressure Sending Unit located on a 1990 Ford F-150 with a 302 motor?


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The oil pressure sending unit on a 302 ford is located on the block of the engine. It screws into the block and the sending unit goes on the end.

The oil pressure sending unit on a 302 Ford is slightly above and to the left of the oil filter. I find it is easier to replace with the oil filter out.


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It is located directly above the oil filter.

Directly under the oil filter with a wire hooked to it. Then the wire hooks to the wire harness with another connector.

If the car has a 3.1 or a 2.8, the sensor is located right next to the oil filter, to the right about 1 inch.

The oil pressure switch is directly behind the carburator. Between the distributor and the carb.

Its on the driver side of the motor, next to the oil filter. Should have 1 (green I believe) wire hooked onto the top.

The starter motor is located below the intake and throutal body.

idle air control motor where is it located

In the fuel tank on the sending unit.


The oil pressure sending unit on my 1997 silverado is on the top of the engine behind the intake manifold. It took a while to find it.I had to climb on top of the engine and look down to the block up near the firewall I was having eratic oil pressure readings and the sending unit was the problem.

There are four motor mounts located on a 1990 Chevy Lumina. Two on either side of the engine. One the rear and one in front of the engine.

Just foward and at the 10:00 position from the oil filter.

The oil sending unit on a 1990 Miata is located on the right side of the engine (passenger side). It is connected directly on the engine block right alongside the oil filter. You have to pull out the sending unit wire first then unscrew the unit using a 30mm socket wrench.

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There is a float on the sending unit and that is INSIDE of the fuel tank.

On the timing belt side of the motor. On the timing belt side of the motor.

its located right on the top of the motor by the compreesor

oil pressure sending unitIf its a 2.8 it should be right in front next to the oil filter, I believe the 3100's is in the back just behind the crankshaft pulley. Hope this helps!

Temperature Gauge Sending Unit The sending unit is located in the front section of the intake manifold in the vicinity of the thermostat.

If you suspect the sending unit may be faulty just replace it with a new one, they are not expensive but a little difficult to remove and replace.

I located the oil pressure switch but it hard to get to with out having to remove other parts. Any easier way?

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