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Hey William==It is in the valve cover. GoodluckJoe On most cars it is in the valve cover but on the 5.0L Ford, Lincoln, Mercury engines it is actually in the intake manifold back by the firewall. About the only way to get to it is to climb up onto the engine from the passenger side and look and feel down in there. Check out this site for a few pictures. The one on there is a Mark VII 5.0L but the only difference is the direction the intake manifold is facing. For all things Lincoln, check out and venture into the forums. A wealth of good knowledge there from Lincoln owners all over the world. Literally.

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2006-04-18 09:02:15
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Q: Where is the PCV Valve on a 89 5.0 Lincoln Town Car?
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Change PCV valve on 95 Lincoln town car?

Remove the vacuum hose from your 1995 Lincoln Town Car PCV valve. Remove the retaining screws from the valve. Reverse the process to install the new PCV valve.

Where is the PCV valve on 1996 Lincoln Town car?

passenger side in valve cover.

Where is the PCV valve on a 2002 Lincoln town car?

The PCV valve on a 2002 Lincoln Town Car is located on top of the engine in the left valve cover. It prevents oil from being sucked into the engine as air is circulated.

Where is the pcv located on a Lincoln town car?

more than likely on the rear side of the passenger valve cover.

Where is the PCV located on a 2001 Lincoln Town Car?

should be on the valve cover going to the air filter housing

How do you change a PCV valve filter on a 1990 Lincoln town car?

Look down on the valve cover on the passenger side of the engine.against the firewall there will be a hose that comes from the air pump, wherever the hose goes, the pcv valve will be at the other end.

Where is the pcv valve on a 1987 Lincoln Town Car?

This is a fun one. At the back of the intake manifold there is about a 6" gap between the manifold and the firewall. The PCV is back there at the base of the manifold, which is about 10" down.

Where on a Town and country 2005 is the Location of PCV Valve?

The pcv valve on a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country is on the top of the rear valve cover.

How do you locate PCV valve on a Lincoln?

yo this thing is located right off the valve cover always...the pcv valve.

Does your 01 Lincoln town car have heated PC valves?

On a 2001 Lincoln Town Car , 4.6 V8 : No , the PCV valve is not electrically heated ( according to the Owner Guide it uses the Motorcraft EV-98 P.C.V. valve ) ( according to one of Ford's website , Motorcraft EV-98-B P.C.V. valve ) as of March 19 , 2013 the MSRP / list is $ 11.60 U.S. on the Ford website

Pcv valve location Chrysler town and country 2000?

The Chrysler Town and Country PCV valve can be found on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The PCV valve will be attached to the back of the air cleaner housing.

Where is the pcv valve on a 1999 Lincoln Navigator?

The PCV valve located is on top of the valve cover. It is right beside of the oil filler cap.

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