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The PCV valve is located on top of the valve cover in the middle.

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Q: Where is the PCV valve located on a 1997 Toyota Rav4?
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Where is the fuel valve shut off switch on a 1997 Toyota Rav4?

Not familiar with that term for a Rav4. What are you trying to do?

How do I change the valve cover gasket on a 2001 Toyota Rav4?

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Does Toyota RAV4 1997 has 4wd?

yes it has

Where is the oil filter located on a 2010 Toyota RAV4 3.5?

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Where is 1997 rav4 door lock fuse location?

The door lock fuse on a 1997 Toyota Rav4 is located in the cabin fuse box. The fuse is rated at 30 AMPS and is labeled as PWR.

Where is the jack on 1996 Toyota rav4?

If a 1996 Toyota RAV4 is the same as the 1997, then it's under the front passenger seat. Cheers...

How do you change the valve cover gasket on a Toyota Rav4?

Knowledge, tools and pizza

Where is coolant temperature sensor located on a 2001 Toyota RAV4?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Toyota RAV4 is located on the exhaust manifold. It is on the driver's side of the manifold.

Where is the horn on 1997 Toyota Rav4?

There is actually two horns both located in the front grill of the car, at least that's where there connections are.

Where is the map sensor located on a 1998 Toyota RAV4?

The map sensor comes standard on a 1998 Toyota Rav4. It is typically located on the dashboard panel on the drivers side of the car.

What is the capacity of a 1997 Toyota RAV4 gas tank?

15.3 gallons

Where is the heater fan relay location for a 1997 Toyota Rav4?

Junction Box No. 4, which is located behind the kick panel on the passenger side.

Where is the air-condition filter located on a 1998 toyota rav4?

The 1998 Rav4 does not have a cabin filter.

How do you change a handbrake cable Toyota rav 4?

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How many quarts of oil do you put on a 1997 Toyota Rav4?

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2002 RAV4 toyota tires?

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Cost to replace clutch in 1997 Toyota Rav4?

The cost range is $1000 to $1500

Where are the fuses for the electric windows on a 94 Toyota RAV4?

The fuses for the electronic windows on a 1994 Toyota RAV4 should be located in the interior fuse box. The fuse box is usually located in the front of the vehicle.

What sort of floor mats does the 2001 Toyota RAV4 have?

The 2001 Toyota RAV4 has .

Where is the ECU on a Toyota RAV4?

2001-2002 Toyota Rav 4 ecu is located behind the glove box.

What type of vehicle is the Rav4?

Rav4 is a Toyota.

How do you change the rear brakes shoes in a 4 door 1997 Toyota RAV4?


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