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Where is the PCV valve on a 1998 Chrysler T and C with the 3.8 engine?


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2005-12-10 00:43:04
2005-12-10 00:43:04

The PVC valve is located (looking in the engine compartment) on the right side close to the throttle body back side of the intake manifold. There is an air hose that follows the back of the intake manifold from left to right . At the intersection, )back right side) where the hose mates to another. there is an off white or metal object in line of the hose. This is the PVC valve.


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The 1998 Cavalier does have a PCV valve. The valve is in the side of the valve cover, held in by a metal ring.

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the pcv valve is in the middle of the inside valve cover wich will be called the riht side valve cover

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The 1998 and newer S10 with the 2.2L engine does not have a serviceable pcv valve.

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Yes, it is on the center of the rear valve cover.

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The PCV valve on a 2001 3.3 Chrysler minivan is on the top of the rear valve cover.

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