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The PCV valve on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville is located on the back of the in take manifold, however to get to the PCV valve you will need to remove the valve cover.


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pcv valve-location-1990 Pontiac bonnevilpcv valve on 1990 Pontiac Bonneville---location -on passenger side of engine, under alternator, push over wiring harness wires, as this maybe covering from sight.

You can find the PCV valve beneath the MAP sensor located in the plenum at the right front of the engine.

on a 1998 Pontiac gan am ,they do not have a pcv valve.

Sorry I am not sure how to describe this, but this is a diagram of a Bonneville and its in the exact same location,

spark plug wires -sparkplugs-pcv valve-air filter-and gas filter optional

Its in the front valve cover .

The PCV valve on q 2007 Torrent is made into the valve cover. It is not removable, the valve cover and PCV valve must be replaced together.

one location of map sensor on some pontisome Pontiac Bonneville,s map sensors are located in the vicinity of the pcv--valve, over top of it , depends on year.

the pcv valve is located on top of the valve cover

This answer is false there IS a PCV on a 2002 Bonneville. It is located on the Intake manifold on the left hand side. There is a sensor mounted on top of it. You need to disconnect the sensor first, then twist the sensor to the left and pull it off. It has an o ring underneath be sure to not loose this, and the PCV valve is now in plain view. Pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. It also has an o ring wrapped around it. This should come out with the valve to be reused. =) there is not one even though the books call for a fram 299 pcv valve so dont worry bout it

The PCV is non-serviceable. It cannot be replaced.

The 2002 Chevrolet PCV valve is located on the outside of the air intake housing. The valve will be on the back of the housing.

The PCV valve on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier is located on the back of the valve cover. It is a plug in type.

I had the same question. Seems it does not have a PCV valve.

in what location can I find the pcv valve on my 2002 chevy tahoe

It's on the valve cover, look for a hose that goes to the carb and the pcv valve just pushes into the valve cover through a rubber grommet.If this is a Pontiac powered Trans Am the PCV valve will be in the valley pan, just under the intake. Should be in front of the carb.

The PCV valve is located under the MAP sensor on a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. The MAP sensor is in the upper plenum.

The PCV valve on a 2002 Lexus RX300 is located on the passenger side of the car underneath the hood. The valve will be on the rear valve cover.

the pcv valve is located just to the right of the oil can purchase this for as low as 10$ or less.this pcv valve is known for malfunctioning .youtube it for yourself

The 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 liter engine PCV valve is located on the firewall. The valve will be on the drivers side firewall in the engine compartment.

The PCV valve is located on the top of the valve cover. There will be a large vacuum line connected to it.

On 2002 Ranger 3.0L, the PCV valve is mounted in the valve cover near the brake booster.

yes it does, all engines have a pcv valve ( positive crankcase ventilation ) valve. it is on the engine and vacuum goes to it from the valve covers.

The PCV valve is an abbreviation for Positive Crankcase Ventilation, which is the recycling of gases of a vehicle. In a 2002 Ford Escort the PCV valve is located in the front of the engine near the drivers side.

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