Where is the Punjab region?

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There are two Punjabs, one in India and the other one in Pakistan. One is in north western India, and eastern Pakistan.
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Rank of daviet Jalandhar Punjab?

it is very good college with almost 100% placements and was ranked 40th position for the emerging institutions of India by competition success

What is the staple food of Punjab?

The Punjab is one of the best food producing areas in the Indo Pakistan area. Staple foods are wheat products such as chapattis, rotis parathas and other forms of bread, rice, beans and lentils.

Ranking of Engineering college Punjab?


Who was known as the lion of Punjab?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) was called "Sher-e-Punjab" (Lion of Punjab) and was the founder of the Sikh Empire (1799-1849).

How many cities in Punjab Pakistan?

There are total 93 cities & major towns in Punjab (Pakistan); current population of Punjab is estimated: 81,845,433 & total area of Punjab: 205344 km²

Where is Punjab located?

There is a Punjab region in South Asia and a state in India calledPunjab. There is also a province in Pakistan with this name as wellas a district in Afghanistan.

Capital of Punjab?

Capital of Punjab: . Punjab in India : Chandigarh . Punjab in Pakistan : Lahore

What is the capital of Punjab?

The capital of Punjab in India is: Chandigarh The capital of Punjab in Pakistan is: Lahore

Who are punjabs?

The word Punjab is a combinded word punj-ab punj means 5 and ab means water so it means 5 waters(land of 5 waters), as you know its a state in India. So the people who live in this area are considered to be punjabis (religion,etc). .

What is the gemstone of Punjab?

Gemstone mostly used in Punjab are Emerald and Ruby, The studded jewellery of Emerald & Ruby really gives a royal look to your jewellery, I have tried it from RK Jewellers Amritsar

Is Punjab a city?

no. it is not. It is a state in northern India (just south of Kashmir) comprising of a large Sikh population.

What are the cast of Punjab?

There are no castes specific to Punjab. Although being an agricultural state there are a lot of Farmers i.e. Jatts

What is a Punjab princess?

Not sure, but isn't it Jasmin from Alladin? Otherwise I dunno. Could be some mustard company.

What is famous in Punjab?

In Punjab wheat and sarso ka saag ( vegetable) and makki ki roti (cahapati) both the things are famous beside that a type of dance known as "bhangda" is very much all over the world

What do Punjabs eat?

punjabis eat makki di roti, sarson da saag,aloo da parantha,makkhan,nimboo da achaar, and drink lassi (corn pancake,spinach in lots of ghee,potato butter pancake, butter, lemon pickle and drink buttermilk and milk)

List of Punjab cities of Pakistan?

Its a long list. Major cities are Lahore, Dera Gazi Khan, Attock,Bahawalnagar, Bhahawalpur, Bhakkar, Ahmedpur east, Davispur,Faisalabad, Hafizabad, Gujranwala, Liaqatpur, Muree, Qila DidarSingh

Punjab national bank of Punjab?

There are branches of National Bank of Pakistan in Punjub provinceof Pakistan. By a self-name, there is no Punjub National Bank ofPunjub in Punjub. But in India, there is a Bank called PunjubNational Bank. It was established in 1849. The Bank has 6968branches, and has over 7000 ATMs across India ser ( Full Answer )

Why Punjab is called Punjab?

The word "Punjab" is a combination of the Persian Language words panj (Five) and āb (Water), giving the literal meaning of the "Land of Five Rivers". The five rivers after which Punjab is named are the Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej.

Islamabad is in Punjab?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, which is not the part of any provinceof Pakistan. http://www.dlx.com.pk

How many current ministers in Punjab?

Province of Punjab in Pakistan has currently 14 provincial ministers who had taken oath on April 23, 2008 and currently working in Punjab cabinet.

In which country is the Punjab?

Punjab is located in Asia and check me by looking on the globe Punjab is a District on the sub-continent of India.

What is the slogan of Punjab national bank?

The slogan of Punjab National Bank is "The Name you can BANK upon". Punjab National Bank has more than 5000 branches across 764 cities in India. They serve over 37 million customers in India. They also have branches in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kabul, China, Oslo etc. They are India's second largest bank

What is the type of food eaten in Punjab?

SPICY!!!! Punjab is all for whole foods and preparation on high temperatures. their food is rich in vegetables and meat. fish and corn are not the high point on any typical Punjabi meal.

What Ranjit Singh did for Punjab?

Protected Punjab from Mughal Emperors and attacks, British force, and any other problems that were occurring at that time. He was a generous, brave, and important person for Punjab.

Who is the current governor of Punjab of Pakistan?

The current governor of Punjab Pakistan is Latif Khosa. He is the 27th governor of Punjab and suceeds the late Salmon Taseer who was killed in January 2011. Before becoming governor he was a former senator and Attorney General of Pakistan.

Is Dhiman is schedule cast in Punjab?

No, Dhiman is not schedule cast in punjab, There are two further sub catagories - Carpenter & Lohar Lohar comes under OBC.

How name of Punjab found?

I think punjab was found by followers from one of the five rivers.Its called punjab because the five rivers unite in punjab punj(5) ab(river)

Why has Punjab been named so?

it is named so because of the five rivers that meet in it. punj means five &ab means rivers.

Names of all district in Punjab?

Amritsar Barnala Bathinda Faridkot Fatehgarh Sahib Fazilka Firozpur Gurdaspur Hoshiarpur Jalandhar Kapurthala Ludhiana Mansa Moga Muktsar Sahib Patiala Pathankot Rupnagar Ajitgarh Sangrur Shahid Bhagat SinghNagar Tarn Taran Sahib

How is sbscet university of Punjab?

Well I m a part of this institution and trust me!!It is the best college in punjab!!The reasons r as follows: 1.The only college of punjab which has been given the status of State Technical Campus by the Union HRD ministry..And trust me..They r nt blind people! 2.The college is an establishment by ( Full Answer )

Who is the mayor of Punjab?

every city in India has a mayor.Chaudry Sat Prakash was the last mayor of ludhiana

What is the rank of lpu in Punjab for MBA?

Ranked 29th India's TOP B-SCHOOL Brands by Business Barons Ranked 36th Engineering University (All India) by Times of India (Edu Times) Ranked 3rd Best University to be enrolled for further studies by Business Barons .

Who is the chef minister of Punjab in India?

Sardar Parkash Singh Badal is the sworn in Punjab Chief Minister . Born in 1927, the Chief Minister of Punjab belongs to a tiny village of Faridkot district which is known by the name of Abul Khurana. The first steps of Sardar Parkash Singh Badal towards the political arena of Punjab begun in ( Full Answer )

When and how did wheat cultivation start in Punjab?

Wheat cultivation commence in May in most parts of Punjab. In Uppar Punjab it may proceed a bit late, probably by the end of May or June mid maximum. Southern Punjab always takes lead in cultivation of wheat, especially areas of Sadiqabad and Rahim Yar Khan.

How many commerce colleges in Punjab?

Commerce colleges are in excess in Pakistan. Around 500 Colleges are offering B.Com degree in Pakistan. For list of all colleges offering Bachelor of Commerce in Pakistan please visit the below links

How the name Punjab was given?

Punjab literally means "the land of five rivers". since there are five rivers in Punjab, the name was given to the state

Who gave the name Punjab?

Punjab means the land of five rivers ( punj means five + ab means rivers ) .

Who is minister of Punjab?

Sardar Prakash Singh Badal is minister at the moment hi im the same person who answered how heavy is an adult vulture? c u soon

Where is jathere hanspal gotra in Punjab?

hanspal jathere is at roranwali village near dhariwal tehsil distt. gurdaspur punjab mela organise in june month purnamasi every year all hanspal families are welcome on this occasion. contact. Rajwant singh hanspal, 09868503885, email,,, Rajwant properrty@gmail.com

What is religion in Punjab?

Good Question! The Main religion in Punjab is Sikhism, because it is near Amritsar, the main place where Sikhs will reside!

Why Punjab is famous?

Punjab is famous for many reasons:. 1. It is the largest province of Pakistan (Population vise). 2. Most of Agricultural yield comes from Punjab. 3. Punjab contributes major role for country's economy. 4. Punjab is famous for its rich culture. 5. The most fertile province of Pakistan.