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The Rabbit-proof fence exists under various names in Western Australia

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The longest fence in the world?

Its the dingo fence in Australia

What are the human features of Australia?

Dingo fence

In what country is the worlds largest fence?

in australia

How long is the Dingo fence in Australia?

The dingo fence is 5613 km in length although some of that is in disrepair. It is the longest fence in the world.

Who is responsible for the cost of a fence that collapses during a storm?

In Australia the owners on either side of the fence

Does the rabbit proof fence in Australia still exist?


What is the name of the fence that stretches from top of Queensland to South Australia and is over 5000 km long?

The Dingo Fence

The longest fence in the world is 3437 miles long Where is it?

it is in western Australia

What was Australia stolen generation movie call?

the rabit proof fence

What is the length of the rabbit proof fence in western Australia?

the rabbit proof fence is 4,000,020 miles in length. i would know i measured it myself.

What tribe are the girls from off Rabbit Proof Fence?

Rabbit Proof Fence is about the people from the Jigalong tribe, a desert tribe in outback Australia.

What man made barier is as long as the great wall of china?

The dingo fence in Australia

What is the name of the fence that stretches from top of Queensland to South Australia?

This is the dingo fence, also known as the Wild Dog Barrier Fence. It extends about 5000km from northwestern Queensland, across the central Australian deserts, protecting the southern part of the continent from dingoes. It then meets up with the Border Fence in New South Wales.

How long is rabbit proof fence in km?

The original rabbit-proof fence stretches across 1,833 km of Western Australia. Two additional fences were built shortly after the first one, for a total rabbit-proof fence that is 3,256 km long.

Where is rabbit proof fence filmed?

Rabbit proof fence was filmed in a variety of locations around Australia. The dry, arid scenes were filmed in regions such as the Flinders Ranges and Parachilna, South Australia, or the Gibson Desert and the Pilbara of western Australia. Some scenes were shot in Sydney and Perth. To see the filming locations, click on the related link below.

A 3300-mie long fence in Australia that keeps dingoes out of the southeastern part of the continent was built to protect what commercially raised animal?

the fence was originally built to keep rabbits out of rural farms, but the fence also served as a border for aboriginals back in the 19 century.

What are the themes of the movie Rabbit Proof Fence and where does it take place?

Rabbit Proof Fence takes place in Australia, and it has several themes. The themes include native spirituality, relationships with the land, and family bonds.

Is the rabbit-proof fence in Australia still intact?

Following the introduction of Myxomatosis to control rabbits in the 1950s, the importance of the Rabbit Proof Fence diminished. so it is probably not being looked after any longer.

What is a stockade fence?

A wooden house fence. (Blockhouse fence)

Can I attach a fence to my neighbors fence?

No, you have no right to attach a fence to your neighbor's fence unless you have her written permission.

What kind of pole holds a fence?

A fence pole holds a fence

Is there a union fence company in san Diego?

Crown fence co, Alcorn fence, Fence corp-inc.

How do you say fence in spanish?

Cerca (fence/hedge) reja (fence/railings) cercar de (to fence off) comprador de efectos robados (fence/receiver of stolen goods) esgrimir (to sword-fence)

What is the verb for fence?

Fence is already used as a verb. To fence something off or "enclose within a fence" is a verb. In the sport of fencing, "to fence" is also a verb. Fence as in the actual object which is used as a boundary marker, is a noun.

What is the future tense of fence?

Will fence.

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