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the sabre toothed tigers habitats are usually lived in grassy plains open woodlands and other dry areas.

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Q: Where is the Sabre tooth tigers habitat?
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Is the Sabre tooth tiger really a tiger?

Of course they are! The wouldn't be called Sabre Tooth tigers if they weren't tigers!

How long is a Sabre tooth tigers tooth?

About a foot

Did Sabre tooth tigers have teeth?

It is very possible sabre tooth tigers actually had teeth. In the movie Ice Age, the sabre tooth tiger had two (or one) long, sharp, front teeth. This can be called a theory. But this is proof that the sabre tooth tiger might've had teeth.

Why were Sabre tooth tigers extinction?


What does a Sabre tooth tiger need survive out of the nonliving environment?

Sabre tooth tigers are extinct. We don't know.

What do sabre-toothed tigers eat?

What DID they eat. Sabre-tooth tigers were saber tooth tigers, and they're extinct. They ate a collection of Deer, Mammoth, Macharachinia and Carcass. Sources: Another answer

What did Sabre tooth cats eat?

sabor tooth tigers at meat that is what the big teeth where for

What rank did Sabre-tooth tigers have on the food chain?

apex predator,top of the chain.sabertooths were NOT tigers.

More about the Sabre tooth tigers?

they have longest teeth in the carnivorus kingdom

Is a Sabre tooth tiger a vertebrate?

Saber toothed tigers were vertebrates

Why are the Sabre tooth tigers extinct?

long ago the sabre tooth tigers were not plentiful and did or had not breed much so they were not many cubs and they were always being killed and sometimes ran out of survival untill they all died

Are saber-toothed tigers still alive 2011?

No. Sabre tooth tigers have been extinct for thousands of years.

Did Sabre tooth tigers have short hair or long hair?

i think short hair

When was Sabre-Tooth created?

Sabre-Tooth was created in 1966.

Are leopards decended from saber-toothed tigers?

no Sabre tooth tigers lived in north and south America there relatives are jugars and pumas

What is the probability of the saber-toothed tigers still existing?

The probability of sabre-tooth tigers still existing as living animals is zero.

What is a saber-toothed tigers habitat?

Saber Tooth Tigers live world wide

Are Sabre tooth tigers extinct?

Yes.Yes, for quite some time now.

How did Sabre tooth tigers give birth?

Since the Saber Tooth Tiger is a mammal it reproduce like us so it would be by live birth

Did saber-toothed tigers have fur?

Yes sabre tooth tiger have fur

What makes a Sabre tooth tiger survive?

Usually its habitat makes it survive or it might be its prey,predators and the air.

Why do tigers live in warm climates?

Just chance i think, dont forget there are Siberian tigers which are perfectly happy with snow, and there used to be sabre-tooth tigers who lived through an ice age

Were do Sabre tooth tigers live?

there used to live in the UK when it froze for 900 years then died out when all the ice melted.

Why are the saber-toothed tigers exstinct?

sadly because of early humans as the humans and sabre toothed tigers hunted the same animals such as bison but humans overhunted them leaving the sabre tooth tiger with nothing left to eat so they eventually died out

How did the Buffalo Sabres get their name?

Sabre, like Sabre toothed tigers