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Are you sure it has one. I believe this is one of many GM vehicles not equipped with a Transmission Fluid dipstick. Instead, it has a fill hole (with a red cap) and a level check hole (accessed from under the vehicle.) There is a procedure that must be followed exactly to correctly set the fluid level. Any leaks should be repaired so that the level need only be checked after replacing the fluid or repairing a leak.


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2005 CHEVROLET Malibu CLASSIC SEDAN 4D where is the dip stick for the oil & transmission

There is no transmission dip stick. On the drivers side under the thermostat housing you have a red cap, that is your fill tube for the transmission. TJMAN DALLAS GA I'm not sure where it is located, but i know on alot of newer Chevy cars that there may not be one, because the transmission system is sealed.

There is no Tranny dipstick on 1996 and newer malibus

If this is an automatic, it would be in view on one side or the other close to the firewall. If this is a stick or manual transmission you don't have a dip stick.

2001 Malibu's have a sealed transmission. They don't have a dip stick.

It doesn't have one because it's a sealed unit

There should be two dipsticks under the hood on a Malibu. One will be plainly marked "OIL" or "ENGINE OIL." The other one is your transmission fluid. This is assuming your Malibu has automatic transmission. If your Malibu has a manual transmission (stick shift), then there is no dipstick for transmission fluid -- manual trannies get lubrication from the engine oil.

There is not have to use the plug located on the passengers side of the transaxle.

That car does not have a dip stick to measure the level. You need to take the car to a garage that has a lift to be checked properly.

You remove the transmission dip stick. You will need a small funnel that will fit in the tube where the stick goes in at to check fluid level in transmission. Put fluid in there.

There is none. Weird, but I actually noticed that on my friends '05 Classic.

some transmissions dont have dipsticks, depending on which one you have.

Can't find transmission dip stick for a 84 custom 2 Chevy

If you have an automatic transmission, check with the engine warm and running, The dip stick is located on the passenger side rear of the engine.

where can i buy a transmission dip stick for a 1995 chevy blazer

dipstick for what if u mean for the transmission there is not one if u mean the oil then it is the one with the yellow circle handle on the engine usually by the oil cap

There is no transmission dipstick in a 2005 cvhevy cobalt

The 2011 Chevy Cruze has a dip stick for checking transmission fluid right behind the motor. When looking at the motor from the front it is located directly behind the manifold cover.

The transmission dip stick is located near the oil dip stick. This is in a 1962 Catalina.

Assuming the Malibu has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission (not manual) Lift the hood. Look to the rear of the engine near the firewall. There should be a dipstick pointed towards the drivers side between the engine and firewall approximately in the middle of the car right to left..

they didnt make one after 100,000miles it should be check every 20 to 30 thousand miles id say

not as far as i know, it has a sealed transmission !

It is 100% certain that there is a dipstick to check the engine oil. However some GM vehicles have a sealed transmission, and may very well not have a transmission dip stick. Owner's manual will give list this information.

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