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Where is the VIN on a Beetle?

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The VIN is located on the dash, next to the windshield, driver's side. Now as you failed to mention what year it is, it may not have the VIN there if it is very old. If not it is located any number of places. Firewall under the hood, Glove Box, you get the idea, look! Now there is one other very easy way to find out. Look at the title.
chassis number's under the rear seat in the middle, VIN plate is under the bonnet next to the latch.

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looking to see if the 72 VW I own is a Beetle or Super Beetle VIN # 1122369336?

“looking to see if the 72 VW I own is a Beetle or Super Beetle? VIN # 1122369336”

What year is your beetle with a VIN 5331646?


What year is your beetle with VIN 1562101309?

Model year 1976. The third # in the vin # is the year, the first # is the model (ie) #1 is the beetle or type 1

What is the length of a 1973 vw super beetle?

decode vin 1973 Volkswagen beetle

What year is your beetle with VIN 1102478038?

If your vin number is between (110 2000 001 - 110 3096 945) it is a 1970

Where is VIN on a 1968 VW Beetle?

The VIN for my 1968 VW Beetle is located under the hood, behind the spare tire, on an attached metal plate. and under the rear seat dead center the hump.

What year is your vw beetle if your vin IS 1342095858?

I am not certain about decoding the VIN number of our superbeetles.....but my VIN number is 1342095288! Our cars were born pretty close together. Edit: 113 beginning numbers with a 10 digit code indicates a 1973 Type 1 Beetle.

What year is this vw beetle from it's VIN 116982520?

1966 standard bettle

Where is the VIN on a 1969 beetle?

easiest place to find is under rear seat on tunnel to check vin +

Where is the VIN on a 2000 VW beetle 2.0?

On the drivers side dash. You can see it thru the windshield.

What year is it vw vin 115229862?

1st digit "type 1 beetle" 2nd Digit "1" Standard Beetle 3rd Digit, Year of Manufacture "1965" Yours is a 1965, Type 1, Standard Beetle. . .

Where can you find a vin decoder for a 1974 vw beetle?

What year is this vw beetle with VIN 156452679?

Not exactly sure but it might be a right hand drive 1976.

Where is the VIN on a 1973 V.W. Beetle?

2 different locations. You can see the VIN on the left side of the windshield and under the rear seat stamped into the floor pan in the middle.

How do you distinguish between a 1969 and a 1970 beetle?

By the VIN go to

Where is the VIN on a 1962 VW beetle?

under the back seat right in the middle. it should be 7 numbers/letters

How do you tell what year VW beetle?

From the VIN #,from left to right the 10th character will give you a letter code and you can look it up.

VIN of ae980123 can this be explained of a VW?

if this is for a (type1) beetle, then it means you have a 1300 LSD (ae) registered between August & December 1955 (980123)

Where is the VIN on a 1964 VW beetle?

The VIN number is the same as the Chassis number. For a 1964 it should be located underneath that Back seat. Its the main Metal part that is directly in the middle of where the seat sits. You might have to clean the area, but it will have the Chassis number on it. It will be a 7 digit number.

I would like the Radio unlock code for 2000 volkswagen beetle?

the code could be inthe spare tire compartment on a white sticker that also has the vheical vin number on it.

What year is VIN 11050898 of VW Beetle?

You're missing a few digits, but the car was made sometime between August 1969 and July 1970 and is the 1970 model year.

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Can you findout if your 1974 beetle is super beetle from the vin number?

Yes. Look at the first three digits: 114: Standard Beetle 134: Super Beetle There are five other ways to tell. a. Windshield. Flat windshield: Standard Beetle Curved windshield: Super Beetle b. Dashboard. Dashboard made of steel, flat and straight up-and-down below the windshield: Standard Beetle Padded dashboard that looks a little like one from a modern car: Super Beetle c. Front shocks. Just the shock: Standard Beetle Shock inside huge coil spring: Super Beetle d. Front apron - the piece of sheet metal below the front lip of the trunk lid No vent slots: Standard Beetle Vent slots: Super Beetle (Having said that, when Supers were still being made, some of the aftermarket body-parts companies made slot-free Super Beetle aprons. Since the slots don't do anything anyway, why not?) e. Spare tire Spare tire standing up in the trunk: Standard Beetle Spare tire lying flat in a tire well: Super Beetle

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