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Where is the VSS speed sensor located at on a 04 Impala?


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The VSS speed sensor in an 04 Impala is located on the transmission case or the rear axle of the vehicle. However, on some Impala's it can be located inside the ABS system.

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The vehicle speed sensor (vss) is generally located at the rear of the transmission.

A VSS sensor is the Vehicle speed sensor and it is located on the transmission. It tells the computer how fast you are going and operates the speedometer and the ABS system.

vss= vehicle speed sensor. try the wheel.. id say there is nothing wrong with the sensor itself.. try the wiring

The VSS:Vehicle Speed Sensor is located on the transaxle

The VSS is on the drivers side rear of the transmission. On some models there is a second VSS in the dashboard.

The VSS is located on the transmission tailshaft extension housing

The VSS sensor is the vehicle speed sensor and it is located in the transmission. The purpose of it is to operate the speedometer and abs system.

VSS ( Vehical Speed Sensor ) located on your transmission

The speed sensor is located in the bottom front of the engine, it looks like a small distributor. the vSS Vehicle Speed Sensor is located next to the oil filter

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) moniters the speed of the vehicle.

no difference. both are located underneath the car by the tranny.

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is located on the transmission. If the speedometer is not working, it is rarely the VSS causing the problem. I would first check fuses and the ECU

It attaches to VSS on tranny by where it meets driveshaft.

The VSS is located on the bottom of the transaxle beside the exhaust manifold.

If the VSS is defective replace the instrument cluster. Only on 2001 and later Elantra's have speed sensor on transaxle

The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is on the transmission of all vehicles.

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is usually found on the tail end of the transmission.

is there a video showing how to change the vss on my 1991 s10 blazer

The VSS is located in the transaxle housing at the rear section near the right driveaxle

It's located on the transmission. Look close it's under rubber hose. That's a manual transmission vss speed sensor location.

That will dpend on what system we are working on. There are as many as 6 speed sensors. The ABS has 4 sensors, one at each wheel. There are two in the transmission. One is called a TSS(turbine shaft speed) sensor, the other is a VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor) The TSS is located on the main body of the transmission toward the driver's side, and the VSS is located on top of the output shaft housing on the passenger's side of the vehicle.

Unplug the electrical connection to the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) located on the drivers side of the tail shaft housing of the transmission. Remove the small bolt and clamp holding VSS in place. Wiggle the sensor out of the housing. Install in reverse order.

If you are refering to the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) it is on tranny by where the axles are

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