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bleed a 94/95 Villager coolant systemThere are accually three. One is on the right side of the radiator, another on top of the intake manifold and a bleed tube which is capped, its located about a foot left and a foot below the brake master cylinder. You can't see it but you can reach down and feel a 1/4 tube with a rubber cap on it. if you need to bleed the coolant system you must first loosen the bleed plug on the radiator and fill the radiator until coolant startes to come out then tighten that bleed plug, next loosen the plug on top of the manifold and squeese the upper radiator hose to explell air out the intake bleed plug while adding coolant to the radiator. This will take several attempts.once coolant come out steady from the intake bleed port, tighten the plug. Next On the bleed tube remove the cap and use a piece of wire to stick inside the tube to make sure its open then slide on a three foot clear rubber hose on the bleed tube and run the other end to your overflow tank making sure its submered in the coolant. Next you must modify the radiator cap by take a coat hanger and cut about a 1 inch piece, bent it in a u a slide it between the spring and popit valve, this willkeep the system from pressurizing. Now Start the eng, turn the heater or heaters on max hot. Run eng a about 25oo rpm until fan comes on and contue until no more air is seen coming thru tube. This could take 10 minutes or so. Then top off the radiator with coolant. Dont forget to remove the coathanger from the cap.also remember to remove the clear hose from the blled tube and reinstall the cap. Good luck
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Q: Where is the air bleed valve for the cooling system on a 95 Mercury Villager?
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