Where is the air conditioner drain hose for a 1997 Ford Escort located?

The drain hose for this Escort and most Escorts from 1997 to 2000 is located behind the AC drier, the big black canister on the firewall on the passenger side. To access it, remove the nut that holds the drier bracket in place, move the bracket back and move the drier to the left. The drain hose exit will be located to the right towards the bottom of the drier on the firewall. Use something soft like a straw or a long twist tie to avoid damaging the sensitive AC evaporator inside the car. Move this soft object in and out of the drain hose to dislodge any debris in it. Water should gush out once the drain is cleared. When finished be sure to replace the drier bracket and reattach the nut that holds it in place.

Good luck!