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Airbag Module Location

"If you want to replace it, bad idea, that will be ALOT more costly. I had my original SRS module sent in for a reset. I just googled a company called and they reset mine for $55 and shipped it back to me free of charge, I hooked it up and it works like brand new! and I saved about $560.

*Disconnect battery if you are working with the Airbag Module, if its powered and it feels movement, It could trigger the Airbags to blow."

Pressing the door knob sensor 5-7 times within 5 seconds DOES WORK!!! The door knob sensor can be found on the frame where (driver) door closes. It is a black colour rubber button. Turn the ignition on (do not turn the car though) and press once almost every second - Do not go too fast. And it should work. Do not give up if it does not work at the first attempt. It required five times for me... Once the light is gone, turn off the ignition. Wait for about 10 seconds. Then turn on the car and the airbag light should go off after a few seconds. Good luck!!

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Q: Where is the airbag module location on a 1995 Nissan Altima and how do you reset it?
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It's located just above the brake pedal near the steering column

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On a 2004 GMC truck, the airbag module is located underneath the carpet at the foot of the driver's seat. It can be accessed by pulling out the driver's seat.

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First of all there is no Toyota Altima. An Altima is a Nissan. The ECM is a electronic control module which handle all the cars electronic information. Also referred to as your cars computer.

Where is the ignition control module on a 1995 Nissan altima?

This part is located near the air cleaner box..

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The airbag control module in a 2002 Saturn SC2Êis located underneath the center console. It is the yellow connector behind the shifter.

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Under the passenger side seat.

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in the cabin under the parking brake

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Under drivers seat,under carpet.

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Where is the airbag module on the 2000. Ford expedition

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On a 2001 Ford Explorer the airbag control module is located behind the passenger side kick panel (located to the right of the passengers right foot if seated in the vehicle).

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The 1997 Oldsmobile airbag module sensor can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side. The airbag module should be labeled as such.

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The 2002 Acura airbag control module is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The airbag control module will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

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how the transmission module works

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behind the stick shift

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Its under the driver side dash and it is a multifunction relay module. Its not your typical relay.

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location pull out glove box its located lower right side

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It is located in the center console, underneath the stereo area. I sent my original module to a company i found on google - They reset it for $55 and shipped back to me for free!

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The driver's side airbag module is in the center of the steering wheel If it has a front pasenger airbag the module is in the right side of the instrument panel.

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The airbag fuse is an integral part of the airbag control module and is not a replaceable part in itself. The airbag control module must be replaced.

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next to battery on passenger side

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it is located between the driver and passenger seats, on the bottom of the floor but to get it you have to remove first a plastic box between the seats.