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Inside the skull. It is a "cranial nerve" (thus not from the spinal cord) and goes directly from the brain to the inner ear.

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Where is the auditory nerve located in the ear?

at the back of the ear.

Where is auditory receptors located?

Auditory receptors are located in internal ears. The vestibulocochlear nerve carries the signal from internal ear to brain.

What is the function of the auditory nerve?

A nerve near the auditory canal.

Where does the auditory nerve go?

The auditory nerve, which is part of cranial nerve VIII or the vestibulocochlear nerve, connects the hair cells of the cochlea in the inner ear with the cochlear nucleus, located in the brainstem at the junction of the pons and medulla.

What nerve carries auditory impules to the brain?

The auditory nerve carries auditory impulses to the brain.

How do auditory pathways carry nerve impulses to auditory cortices?

the auditory nerve pathways carry impulses to the auditory cortices in the ?

Where is auditory nerve located?

It comes right after the cochlea and it's in your ear.

What nerves combine to form the auditory nerve?

Vestibular nerve and cochlear nerve combines to form the vestibulocochlear nerve or the auditory nerve.

What type of nerve is the auditory nerve?

The auditory nerve (8th cranial nerve) picks up signals originating in the environment and takes them to the brain for interpretation. That makes the auditory/acoustic/vestibulocochlear nerve a sensory nerve.

What nerve transmits auditory impulses to the brain for interpretation?

The auditory nerve carries impulses to the auditory area of the brain for interpretation.

What carries the nerve impulses to the auditory cortex of the brain where they will be perceived sound?

The Auditory Nerve does this.

The auditory nerve is associated with which organ?

The auditory or the eighth cranial nerve is associated with your ear.

What is the route of the auditory nerve from you ear to your brain What parts of the brain does the auditory nerve travel?

Eardrum, Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup, Cochlea, Hair Cells, Auditory Nerve.

Carries auditory info to the brain?

Auditory nerve.

How can the auditory nerve be damaged?

ear infections can damage the auditory nerve and can lead you to being deaf.

Which part of the human ear contains the auditory nerve?

The cochlea is the part of the human that contains the auditory nerve

Where is the auditory nerve?

Auditory or vestibulocochlear nerve goes to your ear. It exits the skull through internal acoustic meatus along with the facial nerve.

What nerve is also known as the acoustic or auditory nerve?

The 8th Cranial nerve has a lot of common names, but it always begins in the inner ear and ends in the brain.Here are names for the same nerve from different texts:Acoustic nerveAuditory nerveCochlear nerveAuditory vestibular nerveVestibulocochlear nerve is the preferred name8th Cranial Nerve

What cranial nerve controls the ears?

auditory nerve

Where is your auditory nerve?

In the neck

What cranial nerves is dedicated to auditory apparatus?

The eighth cranial nerve or the vestibulocochlear nerve is dedicated to auditory apparatus.

What is the medical term meaning tumor of the auditory nerve affecting hearing?

Acoustic neuroma is a tumor of the auditory nerve.

What nerves carries messages of sound to the brain?

Auditory or auditory nerve

What auditory nerve is responsible for?

The auditory nerve is responsible for relaying vibrations from the cochlea, in the inner ear, to the brain as electrical impulses. The auditory centre of the brain then interprets these as sound.

Nerve that carries messages from the ear to the brain?

auditory nerve