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it's located in one of the front fender wells.

AnswerDrivers side fender well. Jack up the car and remove the front tire. There's a section of the fender liner with a big picture of a battery on it. You can remove that part of the fender liner via some thumb twist screws and get to the battery.

Chrysler inconvenience is great.

Though jacking up the car and removing the front driver's side tire makes access to the battery much easier, it is not required. Turn steering wheel as far to the left as it will go and you can access the panel that contains the battery. Though this is another prime example of Chrysler inconvenience, Chrysler did make it where you don't need to access the battery except to replace it. In the engine compartment, on the driver's side, there is a negative and positive battery connection. These two connections are not place directly next to each other, but are not 'hidden'' so you should be able to locate them pretty easily. The negative is more visible than the positive, but still easy to find both. Connect to these if you should need to jump the car or charge the battery.

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Q: Where is the battery located on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?
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