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Hi, The battery in a T280 model transit is under the drivers seat.

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Does the 2007 ford transit diesel have a cambelt?

yes they have a belt because ford stopped making chains in 1997 with the escort I have a Mk 6 55 plate t280 and that has a cam chain

Where the battery on y reg ford transit?

On a Transit mk5 under the bonnet, on a Transit mk6 under the drivers seat

Where is battery on Ford Transit?

check under the drivers seat

Why won't Ford Transit won't start not turning over?

ford transit wont turn over ignition light and battery light on

Where is battery in Ford transit?

In the 2005 VJ Ford transit, the battery is located under the driver's seat. Simply slide the seat forward to gain access. There is a jump starting contact point in the engine bay to make that process easier.

What size battery does a 2003 ford transit 2.0 diesel use?

A 017 battery normally costing around £79.95

What country does the Ford Transit originate from?

well originally the first ford transit was invented in England in the 1970's but the new 2014 model of the ford transit was first introduced in the United States Ford is an american company but the "Transit" on the other hand is a european vehicle which is used for either transporting luggage, Hardware tools or Medium amounts of human passengers But to the question ford transit was invented in the United Kingdom

How much does a 1990 Ford Transit weigh?

I have a 1992 (same model as 1990) 2.5d LWB 190 transit, V5 states 3500kgDepends what model there are quite a few!

Ford Model T engine and battery?

What is your question?

When was Ford Transit created?

Ford Transit was created in 1965.

How do you prime a diesel engine on ford transit t280 85?

if its electronic pump and injectors it will self bleed, if not electronic u need to drag it to get the diesel round the pipes, get someone to tow u round the block and bump it.

What size battery does Ford Transit 2.0?

Anyplace that sells batteries will tell you the correct size to buy.

Why doesnt my battery light go out on my 330 ford transit?

This usually means that the alternator isn't charging.

Why wont my Ford transit start I left the key in the ignition?

It is possible that a Ford Transit might not start if the key was left in the ignition in the on position. The battery is probably dead, if turning the key produces no noise at all.

How do you override Ford Transit deadlocks?

How do you override ford transit deadlocks?

Where does 6mm cable from battery go to on ford transit van?

Black goes to earth and red to starter relay

How do you get to battery under seat in ford transit?

slide drivers seat right forward and remove plastic covering

When was Ford Transit Connect created?

Ford Transit Connect was created in 2002.

Which fuses opens doors Ford Transit?

Which fuses for doors on ford transit

When was Ford Transit bus created?

Ford Transit bus was created in 1939.

Can you jumpstart a vauxhall corsa from a Ford transit van with jumpleads?

Yes but dont jump it from the battery on the transit under the boonet there is a steel eye use that to earth the jump leads then put the red jump lead on the red lead under the bonnet its like a battery lead it will have a red plastic cover on it thats where you jump a transit from do not jump directly from the battery

Fuel capacity off Ford Transit van?

2008 Model LWB HR = 80 litres

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