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The bell clapper is hanging from the ceiling around the center of the room. You can use it to repair the school bell, but first you have to get rid of the seagull.

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you got to the secret room to get the bellclapper by getting detention

There aren't any now. They were part of the island promotion prior to the release of Big Nate Island.

You don't. It's not part of the island solution.

The bell clapper is hanging from the ceiling in the Secret Room below the detention room. Once you have the blueprint from Nate's locker, you can enter the file cabinet and go down into the room. (You use the gum and stink bomb in this.) (see related question)

there should be a youtube on big nate island. go to youtube and type down poptropica big nate island part 1 and go to the name secretscp. (hes awesome) there is a girl named graser10 but she HATES him. :)

No one knows. It does not appear to be part of the game solution.

Digging up the time capsule is the last part of Big Nate island. It will not come out of the hole, so you have to click on the shiny clasp. (see solution question below)

You use the dog to dig it up with the peanut butter crackers. Once you have chased the seagull from the bell tower, and rung the bell, the girls will leave their spot in the playground. Look through the telescope on top of the lighthouse to see the seal island. Race Nate there on the jet skis. Shove the seals left to get the map. Come back and play "Hangman" in the clubhouse to get the peanut butter cookies. Use them at the open spot in the playground, and Spitsy will dig a hole. Pull the time capsule out (part way) and press the shiny clasp.

at the last part use the map to put the graham cracker on the part where the capsule is buried and the dog will dig there and youre done

The part of the comic strip is on top of the lighthouse. The old photograph is blowing around by the left side.

You get the frame for the strip from the guy who runs the comic store (wearing a tan shirt).

(This is part of the Spook Central Game, not Wild west island) She is in the Trading Post. Jump toward her when she passes the trader's desk.

(This is part of the Spook Central Game, not Wild west island) She is in the Trading Post. Jump toward her when she passes the trader's desk.

Unfortunately, we never find out what happens to him. Perhaps it is a secret part of the game that has nothing to do with the ultimate outcome of the Island (like the bird).

The bell is considered a percussion instrument. The part of a bell that clangs the sides to make the noise is called the clapper.

When the banks been robbed, you find a secret part 2 of a map. Go to the secret location on the map and use the invisibility one to get in.

The metal part which makes up the bell.

The part of the green bell pepper is the one with the stem on top.

The bell clapper is in the secret room below the Detention Room.Collect and assemble the comic strip pieces to get gum and Nate's locker combination.Get the Blueprint from Nate's locker.Make the stink-bomb by mixing blue and green in the science lab.Chew (use) the gum in the school. Mrs. Hargrove will take you to detention.In detention, use the stink bomb to chase the teacher.Walk over to the right and click on the filing cabinet.Go down into the room, turn on the light (on the floor), and grab the clapper, which is hanging near the ceiling.You can fix the bell with the clapper once the seagull is chased away. (see related question)

A bell A bell can be cracked (like the liberty bell) A bell can be made (in a bell foundry) A bell can be told (rung) A bell can be played (as part of an orchestra) A joke!

you can't he makes it for the school and tries to sell it for money to the school to help it its falling a part. the only thing you and do is ask him and you look in his telescope!

The second drawer, but that probably isn't the problem. You can click anywhere on the lower part to open the secret passage. What you need is the BLUEPRINT from Nate's locker outside in the second-floor hall. Opening the locker will reveal the blueprint, which you must have before you can access the filing cabinet. (see related question)

The bell housing is the front part of the trans that goes around the flywheel.The bell housing is the front part of the trans that goes around the flywheel.

To finish Zomberry Island, you will need to complete Romeo's Secret Bunker part 2 and the sewer bonus Quest. Once you have finished those two items, you will have completed the game.

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