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Where is the best place for dentures in Nogales Mexico?

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There are 4 dentists in Nogales that offer dentures. They all have good reviews but the best one appears to be Dental Clinic Periogroup Dentist.

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Who owns TrueSmile Dentures?

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The best way to keep the cost of dentures down is to have them all done at the same time arrangment

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Will soaking dentures in water ruin the dentures?

Soaking your dentures in water will not ruin them. It is best to soak them when you don't wear them so they stay moist and retain their form. Not soaking them when you are not wearing them will cause them to dry out and that will ruin them.

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Can you repair your dentures with nail acrylic?

It is not advisable to repair your dentures with nail acrylic. Although denture kits use a similar bonding agent, the nail acrylic can be toxic. It is best to seek a dentist for a professional repair. This will yield your best results.

Can partial dentures be left in?

Dentures need to be cleaned after meals, and especially at night when you are resting. To prevent any possibility of swallowing them, it might be best to remove them at night, or whenever you sleep normally.

What's the best way to clean my dentures?

Your dentist should give you instructions on the best way to clean your set of dentures. Some dentists recommend cleaning with clorox after removing from your mouth. Other dentists will recommend using products like Polident. Dentures should be brushed at least once a day, and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

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