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Where is the best spot for an amplifier in caravan?

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2006-09-13 06:32:45

Typically, when most people install systems, they like to keep

their amp near their subs, for shorter wiring. For a caravan, i

would either go in the far back, or under the rear seats. Only

problem with rear seats, is the amp will get hot. I would recommend

mouting it ON the backseats, facing towards the gate, or near the

left or right side, to allow some cooling. A lot of people also

like to mount their amp on the subwoofer box, depending on the size

you have. Just run the HOT (14gauge and larger) from your battery

(fused with 40A+ fuse), and your remote & audio wires from your

deck to the rear of your van, and the ground will need to either be

hooked to a frame bolt, or some other good ground. I recommend

using the bolts that the seats are mounted on.

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